Norbertine Bresslern-Roth (1891-1978) Austria

In the Austrian city of Graz during the late 19th century, the early artistic talents of a young girl were recognized by her school teacher; years later, Norbertine Bresslern-Roth's brilliance would be known worldwide. As a young woman, Bresslern-Roth was taught by some of the most notable figures on the Austrian art scene, including Alfred Schrotter, Hans von Hayek and Ferdinand Schmutzer. Having established herself as a freelance artist, Bresslern-Roth began to experiment with linocut - the medium of carving from linoleum. Through this new medium, the artist created countless depictions of animals in motion, inspired by her childhood and travels to Africa. The animals varied from domestic animals - 'Puppies' (1919) - to great beasts of exotic lands - 'Leopardenjagd' (1927). Since her death in 1978, Bresslern-Roth's progressive works have become highly sought-after on the art market, admired for their bold colors and compositional style.

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