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Nils Kreuger (1858-1930) Sweden

Nils Kreuger was a Swedish artist born in Kalmar. Kreuger was enrolled at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm in the mid-1870s, but he had to abandon his studies due to illness. In 1881, he traveled to France, where he studied with Jean-Paul Laurens. His work from this period was influenced by French outdoor life, cityscapes, landscapes, and Parisian surroundings. He loved to paint the sunrise, sunset, fog, rain and snow. Once back in Sweden, Kreuger joined the artists’ association Opponenterna (The Opponents), and in the following years, he founded the Konstnärsförbundet artists’ association. In 1887, he moved to Varberg, where he founded the Varberg School with Richard Bergh and Karl Nordström. Kreuger was inspired by the paintings of Paul Gauguin and the landscape surrounding Varberg.