Elin Danielson-Gambogi (1861-1919) Finland

Elin Danielson-Gambogi was a Finnish-Swedish visual artist born in Noormarkku, Finland. Danielson-Gambogi pursued her studies at the Finnish Art Society Drawing School in Helsinki, Adolf von Becker's private art school and ultimately in Paris at the Académie Colarossi and with Auguste Rodin. Prior to her Paris studies, she worked with porcelain painting at the Arabia porcelain factory. Danielson Gambogi was trained in classical drawing, porcelain painting and landscape painting, and she was interested in perspective.
Danielson-Gambogi was part of the Önningeby Colony on Åland, along with J.A.G. Acke and Nina Ahlstedt. She is especially known for her somewhat controversial portrayal of women. Her motifs usually depicted everyday life and her paintings were characterized by a naturalistic and national romantic style, painted in a light palette. Some works display elements of Impressionism and academic painting, especially her Mediterranean motifs.
Danielson-Gambogi broke with traditional views on gender differences and her provocative art challenged the norms, despite criticism from Finnish art critics. Danielson-Gambogi was well-known during her productive years, but she was rediscovered in the late twentieth century for her portrayal of women.

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