Carl Kylberg (1878-1952) Sweden

Carl Kylberg was a Swedish artist who initially studied architecture before becoming a pupil of Carl Wilhelmson at the Valand School of Fine Art in Gothenburg. Kylberg is considered to be a seminal figure in Swedish twentieth century art. Kylberg debuted as an artist in 1919 at Liljevalchs, but did not experience any significant public acclaim until the 1930s. Typical of Kylberg’s works are glowing oil paintings with bold colors and landscape motifs. Kylberg also created a number of religious motifs toward the end of his career as an artist. He was a member of what is known as the Gothenburg colorists and his use of bold colors is a signature of his work.
Kylberg’s work is represented on the Gothenburg Museum of Art and the Aguéli Museum.

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