After centuries of Murano glass production, in 1921 lawyer Paolo Venini opened a glass factory on the Venetian island with his friend, Giacomo Cappellin. With the creative assistance of paiter Vittorio Zecchin, Cappellin Venini & C. combined the rich traditions of Murano glass with modern designs; these designs were far more simple than the excessive pieces aimed at tourists. After the departure of Cappellin and Zecchin, the company rebranded and employed a number of notable artists. Not only did Venini experiment with new techniques in glassmaking, but also incorporated influences from contemporary art and design movements, including Art Deco and later Mid-Century Modern. Venini remains one of the most important names in Murano glass production and is still active today. The company manufactures unique glassware and lighting influenced by Venini's passion for fine design.