Sapphire Ring

For thousands of years, rings have been worn as finger jewelry by civilisations across the world. Although today rings are primarily worn as a form of adornment, rings can also serve both symbolic and practical purposes. Rings have been considered a symbol of love for centuries, with couples gifting one another promise, engagement, eternity and wedding rings. Since at least the 16th century, diamond rings have been used as a mark of engagement; however, other precious gems and stones can also be popular for engagement rings, particularly sapphires. Sapphires are coveted for their rich, deep blue color, and are often complemented by a surrounding halo of diamonds. The band is typically white gold, yellow gold or silver. One of the most famous sapphire rings is the engagement ring of Princess Diana, created by English jewelers Garrard & Co; the ring was gifted to Kate Middleton upon her engagement to Diana's son, Prince William.