Philip Arctander (1916-1994) Denmark

Philip Arctander was a Danish designer and architect who studied at the Roydal Danish School of Architecture in Copenhagen. He had his most productive years design-wise between 1939-47 and also served as a manager at the Danish building research institute and as counselor for the UN in handling building and construction.
The object that has given Arctander most recognition posthumously is without doubt his Clam Chair from 1944. For a long time, the identity and origin of the chair's designer was uncertain, or at least the opinions where diverse. Some people have claimed that the Norwegian designer Martin Olsen stood behind the design since many of his pieces of furniture resembled the Clam Chair. In recent years, thanks to a former colleague of Arctander named Poul Erik Silver, it has been possible to confirm the origin of the Clam Chair. The mystery that has surrounded the chair has probably contributed to its increased popularity on the auction market.