Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) France

Paul Gauguin was a French painter, sculptor and printmaker. In the beginning of Gauguin’s career, he was an impressionist, but in 1888, his art took a turn toward primitivism, which entailed a simplified style. He never received any major recognition for his work until after his death in 1903. Gauguin began painting in his 30s, which is relatively late. He spent long periods on Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands painting primitive Polynesian motifs. He sought out new forms and colors in his work, and frequently painted people and nature. For a period in 1888, he lived in the south of France, where he shared a residence with Vincent van Gogh. Due to their various diverging opinions on art, they soon went their separate ways and never saw each other again, although they did continue to correspond with one another.