In the 1880s, French glass designer René Lalique established his now-renowned decorative arts manufacturers in Paris. Although Lalique started out as a jewelers, it was the elegant glass works created by the founder which brought commercial success to the company. Early glass works included perfume bottles, which were inspired by the Art Deco movement at the time; many of these were produced for French perfumer Coty, which today is a multi-billion dollar US beauty product manufacturer. Over his extensive career, Lalique designed and created everything from vases to chandeliers to the interior of luxury train carriages. After becoming head of the company in 1977, René's granddaughter, Marie-Claude, launched the first Lalique perfume - 'Lalique de Lalique' - in 1992. Alongside perfumes, the brand has continued to produce jewelry, lighting, furniture, clocks, sculptures and many other items. In 2011, the Lalique Museum opened in Wingen-sur-Moder, where Lalique's factory has been located since 1921.