Now renowned for its luxury bags and silk scarves, French company Hermès first traded as a harness manufacturer for the elite across the world - a history paid homage to since 1950 through the horse and carriage logo. After producing carriage equipment for over 80 years, the grandsons of Hermès founder, Thierry Hermès, introduced clothing and accesories to the family company during the 1920s. The high-quality accessories became must-have amongst royalty and celebrities, leading to the brand's tradition of naming its handbag after iconic actresses. In 1956, Grace Kelly was photographed with the 'Sac à Dépêches' - one of Hermès' earliest handbag designs - resulting in it being officially renamed as the 'Kelly' bag. In 1984, the 'Birkin' was created with actress Jane Birkin; today, the bag continues to be handmade, resulting in a notoriously long waiting list and a price tag of up to $150,000.