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Amalia Lindegren (1814-1891) Sweden

Amalia Lindegren was a Swedish portrait and landscape artist. As a youngster Lindegren was fond of sketching and her talent caught the eye of Carl Gustaf Qvarnström, whose influence helped her to become one of the four women admitted in 1849 to the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. Subsequently Lindegren became the first woman to receive a scholarship that enabled her to study art in Paris for four years. She also visited Rome, Dusseldorf and Munich. Upon Lindegren’s return to Sweden in the late 1850s, she became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts, where she and Lea Ahlborn were the only two women. Lindegren was also an honorary member of the “Female Artists’ Society” in London.
Her art is often characterized by depth, with sentimental portraits or depictions of country life.