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Eugen Napoleon Nikolaus was born in 1865 as prince of Sweden and Norway. Prince Eugen demonstrated his artistic talent at a young age, and he continued to develop those skills in 1887 in Paris, where he went to study art at Léon Bonnat’s school and at the studio of Henri Gervex.
Common in his work are depictions of nature, inspired by the province of Östergötland and the view from Waldermars Udde on Djurgården in Stockholm. Prince Eugen participated in the 1889 World Expo with an image from Skåne, Potatisåker i Dalby (Potato Fields in Dalby), and with three pastel figure studies. He was chosen that year as the first honorary member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Given his independent artistic temperament, Prince Eugen’s paintings changed over time as he searched for his own style, which was a new concept at the time.Through his personality, patronage, and personal artistic efforts, Prince Eugen became a unifying factor of the Nordic art world and earned important significance in the Swedish art scene.

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