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Elliott Erwitt was born in 1928 in Paris, but immigrated ten years later to New York in 1938 before the family finally settled in Los Angeles in 1941. Already as a teenager he showed an interest in photography and worked in a commercial darkroom in Hollywood during his spare time. Erwitt began working as a professional photographer in 1949 and in 1953 he was invited to join the prestigious Magnum Photos cooperative by its founder, Robert Capa. Erwitt is still a member of Magnum Photos and has served as its chairman on many occasions.
Elliott Erwitt is particularly known for his black and white photos, which are frequently ironic and somewhat absurd from the context of daily life. Dogs are a recurrent theme in his photography. They play the leading role in four of Erwitt’s books: Son of Bitch (1974), Dog Dogs (1998), Woof (2005) and Elliott Erwitt’s Dogs (2008).
In addition to photography, Erwitt began to produce films, mainly documentaries with names such as Beauty Knows No Pain (1971), Red, White and Bluegrass (1973) and Glass makers of heart (1977). He has also produced 17 comedies and satires.

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