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The Running Man Helmet & Mask
Helmet and mask used by a background actor in the 1980's science fiction film The Running Man. This piece features a padded baseball helmet painted black with a chin strap, and a black re-breather mask. Both items remain in excellent, production used condition. Propworx
Satedan Soldier Costume
Armored costume worn by a member of the Satedan military in the Stargate Atlantis episodes "Runner" and "Sateda". The Satedans were all but wiped out when the Wraith attacked their planet more than a decade ago. The soldiers fought valiantly, giving their lives for some of their people to escape to other worlds. Flashbacks into Ronon Dex's past give us a glimpse into the lives of these warriors.\nTechnical Description: \nProduction-made costume consisting of: brown wool trousers with two thigh button-down cargo pockets and leather hem with metal buckles; brown wool jacket with strip down both sleeves and leather cuffs with metal buckles; plastic and leather carapace armor painted anodized gold to simulate metal with riveting details and snap-close sides; leather belt with metal buckle and four rubber details; rubber stomach armor painted anodized gold to simulate metal with riveting details and Velcro-close side. All items are production distressed to show battle damage. The trousers and jacket have a production mark "Tom Europe". There is simulated blood on the jacket and carapace armor. No size information available. Propworx
Bajoran Wall Emblem And Symbols
Bajoran wall emblem and letters used during the production of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. These decorations can often be seen on the walls of the station promenade and other Bajoran locations. Large symbol is made of cast resin and measures 9" x 16". Individual letters are made of foam and measure approximately 2.5" x 2.5" each. From the collection of Doug Drexler. Propworx
Observation Lounge Model of TOS Enterprise
Model of The Original Series starship Enterprise used during the production of the Star Trek: Insurrection feature film. Featured in the Observation Lounge this model was also possibly used in Star Trek: Nemesis. Cast resin plated in gold. Some damage to nacelle pylons and evidence of past repair. Measures 9.5" x 22". From the collection of Mike and Denise Okuda. Propworx
Iron Man Framed Mark I Foot Armor Plate and Newspa
"Framed "The Tribune" newspaper with the headline "Crush Hour". Newspaper printed for background use to be seen after the battle between Iron Man and Iron Monger. Included is a foot armor fragment seen in cave and desert crash scenes after Tony's escape from his captors using the Mark I suit. During his uncontrolled landing, the suit is obliterated, leaving pieces of the armor plating scattered on the hillside where he came to rest. Framed Piece measures approx. 27" x 29" x 4". Propworx
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