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Edward Rogge. Party.
Edward Rogge. Party.\n1982. Signed and dated. Paint on paper. Excellent condition. Size with frame is 29" w x 25"h. Est. $200-300. Ship:$55 Slotin Folk Art
Wesley Willis The Dan Ryan Expressway 2
c. 1990. Ink and marker on board. 42" w x 28"h. Est. $400 - $600 Ship: $35 Slotin Folk Art
Ted Franning, Jr. Koyemsi.
Ted Franning, Jr. Koyemsi. Signed and titled, not dated. Carved and painted wood. Natural wood split in base, othewise excellent condition. 14” x 11” x 7”. Est. $200-300. Ship: $55 Slotin Folk Art
Rodney Leftwich. Bill Traylor Style Jug.
Rodney Leftwich. Bill Traylor Style Jug. Signed and titled. Painted ceramic with etching.\nMint condition. 9" h. Est. $200-300. Ship: $45. The Meaders' Pottery family tradition started in 1892. David, son of Reggie Meaders, is still producing pottery in the traditional manner using his father's kiln. Circumstances are forcing David to either purchase the property or lose the kiln. Freda & Ray Wiley and Kathy Shaw Amos along with others, have donated the pieces on this page, as well as created a crowd funding page, in an attempt to save this historic kiln. Proceeds from the sale of this piece will be donated toward this cause. Slotin Folk Art
Lucius Jordan (attrib). 5 Gal. Beehive Churn.
Lucius Jordan (attrib.). Five Gallon Beehive Churn.\nc. 1860's. Washington, Co. GA. Minor hairline crack, otherwise great condition. 16.5"h. Est. $1,000-2,000. Ship: $100 Slotin Folk Art
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