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Located in Munich, Hermann Historica is one of the leading auction houses worldwide specializing in sales of objects under the categories firearms, antiquities, historical objects, military objects, and much more.

Court Erich Klenau von Klenova, Baron of Janowitz founded the company for over 50 years ago. Hermann Historica quickly became well-known among international collectors and museums. The company was then named Graf Klenau. In the beginning of the 1970's, Wolfgang Hermann joined the company. Graf Klenau started to increase their developement as a company, expanding their client base and producing carefully researched special catalogues, which led to the companys growing relevance in the international auction market.Wolfgang Hermann and Ernst-Ludwig Wagner jointly took over the company in 1982, re-named it “Hermann Historica oHG” and had a decisive influence on the development of the ever expanding business. In subsequent years Franz Hermann and Thomas Rief also became partners and cemented the dynamic leadership of the company which exists today.

Hermann Auctions currently have 50 staff members and over 40 000 clients. Auctions are held twice per year, offering around 10 000 lots per auction. Customers can continuously participate in their online-based live auctions.

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This year's spring sale at Hermann Historica will run from April 24 to May 6 in Munich with 6 000 pieces including antiquities, ancient weapons, hunting pieces as well as important historical military pieces.

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Colt Python Model Revolver
Colt Python Model Revolver,\n\nKal..357 Mag., Nr. K22794. Nummerngleich. Ventilierter blanker Lauf, Lnge 4". Sechsschssig. Beschuss 1981. Mikrovisier. Vollstndige Werksvernickelung. Magna-style Nussholzgriffschalen mit beiden Medaillons. Nahezu neue Erhaltung.\nErwerbsscheinpflichtig. \n\nCondition: I\nLimit: 350 EURO\n\n 800 EURO Hermann Historica
Smith & Wesson Regulation Police (Prewar)
Smith & Wesson Regulation Police (Prewar)\n\nmit .38/32-Rahmen, Kal..38 S & W, Nr. 23303. Nummerngleich. Spiegelblanker Lauf, Lnge 4". Fnfschssig. Fertigung ca. 1925. Originale Hochglanzbrnierung mit minimalen Tragespuren. Hahn und Abzug buntgehrtet. Nussholzgriffschalen mit feiner Fischhaut, Unterseite bezeichnet "Pat.June 5, 1917". Selten. Neuwertige Erhaltung.\nErwerbsscheinpflichtig. \n\nCondition: I-\nLimit: 250 EURO\n\n 280 EURO Hermann Historica
Pistole Makarov DDR, mit Tasche
Kal. 9 mm Mak., Nr. BP2834. Nummerngleich. Blanker, hartverchromter Lauf. Fertigung 1963. Standardbeschriftung. Vollstndige Brnierung. Schwarze Bakelitgriffschale mit Fangschnur. In Strichtarntasche mit Ersatzmagazin. Neue Gesamterhaltung. Erwerbsscheinpflichtig Hermann Historica
Zwei hollndische Kurzwaffen-Vorschriften.
Zwei hollndische Kurzwaffen-Vorschriften.\n\nEine Vorschrift fr Revolver M 73 von 1912 mit Nachtrgen, 40 Seiten und Klapptafel. Eine Vorschrift fr Pistole M 25 (FN 10/22) von 1933 mit Nachtrgen, 42 Seiten und Faltblatt. Herausgeber jeweils knigliche Militrakademie in Breda. \n\nCondition: II\nLimit: 120 EURO\n\n 160 EURO Hermann Historica
A SIG mod. JP 210, commemorative pistol "700 Jahre Eidgenossenschaft"
A SIG mod. JP 210, commemorative pistol "700 Jahre Eidgenossenschaft" in its case,\n\ncal. 9 mm Parabellum, no. 0295. Matching numbers. Mirror-like bore, barrel length 120 mm. Slide and grip frame in dark, high gloss finish. Both sides with gold engraving: Left slide side with "1291" - Swiss arms - "1991", on top in front of sight: initials "CH". Right slide side: "Confoederatio Helvetica No 0295". Small parts gilded matt. White special grip panels with Swiss arms. Magazine. Brand-new except for small non-blued spot on front left of grip frame.\nComes with a walnut case, dimensions 30 x 20 x 6 cm, lined with light grey suede and blue leather plate with gold inscription. Case key included.\nErwerbsscheinpflichtig.\n\nCondition: I\nLimit: 1400 EURO\n\n 2000 EURO Hermann Historica

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