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The owners of Kedem Auction House have been dealing in antique Jewish books and manuscripts for many years, and have long been interested in items related to the history and culture of the Jewish people. Kedem Auction House conducts public auctions of religious books (Sifrei Kodesh), manuscripts and rabbinical letters, in addition to sales of other historical items related to Jewish history, culture and art, and the history of Palestine and the Holy Lands. Their specialists have particular expertise in religious books (Sifrei Kodesh) and modern Jewish culture.

Besides books and manuscripts, Kedem Auction House also handles a wide range of paper items, including letters, photographs, works of graphic art and posters. They also include objects and artefacts related to these specialty fields in their sales, such as Hannuka lamps, Kiddush cups, Chala covers, and a variety of other domestic objects relating to Jewish culture, as well as Palestinian objects such as Bezalel works, olive wood items, and local ceramics.

The owners selected the name Kedem for the auction house, as the word implies both a reference to past times as well as a sense of progress and moving forward. Kedem Auction House prides itself on its professionalism and the quality and value of the items it offers for sale.

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Study of the Customs of Different Religions - William Hurd - Amsterdam
Oude en Tegenwoordige Staat en Geschiedenis van alle Godsdiensten, van de Schepping af Tot Op den Tegenwoordigen Tijd by William Hurd. Amsterdam: Martinus de Bruyn, 1781-1791. Entire set (seven volumes).A study of the customs of different religions. With 63 etching plates (some folded). The first volume is devoted in part to the customs of Amsterdam's Jews.Seven volumes, 22 cm. Condition varies. Good overall condition. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
"Jews at War" - Eight Stories by Shlomo Davidman, of the "Subway Bibliotek"
Subway-bibliotek, 1000 geshikhte far groys un klayn, yidn in der milkhome, shloyme davidman [New-York, first half of 1940s]. Yiddish. "Jews at War", eight short stories by Shlomo Davidman, Issues 22, 28-34 of the series "Subway bibliotek" [Subway library], a series of small reading books in Yiddish, for children and for adults, for reading during their ride on the Subway. Bound together as a booklet. Illustrated title pages. One story is about Hitler. On one title page appears a caricature of Hitler. [34] pp, 15 cm. Good condition. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Emil Orlik (1870-1932)
Portrait of Dr. Franz Bacher and two additional portraits / three lithographs / average size 20X26 cm / two are signed in pencil Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
David Rubinger - Photograph of the Paratroopers at the Western Wall
Photo of the IDF paratroopers occupying the Western Wall, David Rubinger, 7 June 1967. Signed on verso. Photo shows three soldiers from Batallion 66 of the Paratroops Brigade (Haim Osher, Yitzhak Yifat and Zion Karasanti) at the Western Wall immediately following its occupation.On the photo is a dedication in Rubinger's handwriting, from Rosh Hashana 5730 (1969): "With hearty greetings for many years of peace / Annie and David Rubinger". 28X35 cm. Good-fair condition. Creases. Slight defects to margins. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Hakdama Ve'Derech Le'Etz HaChaim - First Edition
Hakdama Ve'Derech Le'Etz HaChaim, methods for the study of kabbala by Rebbe Zvi Hirsh of Zhydachiv. Lvov, [1832]. First edition. [1], 25 leaves. 23 cm. Good-fair condition. Many stains and wear. Worm marks. New leather binding. The date of printing, appearing on the title page, is forged: It is mentioned in German that the book was printed by Judith Rosanis in 1804. The Hebrew date alluded to in the quote written in the book is 1830, but on the reverse side of the title page the author is mentioned four times with the addition of the Hebrew acronym Nun and Ayin (Nucho Eden - "rests in peace", usually added after the death of a person). He died on the 11th of Tamuz 1831. [In 1833, the publisher printed another book by the same author titled "Pri Kodesh Hillulim". In the introduction he writes: "A whole year has passed since I have published the first 'fruit' of the Rebbe... Hakdama and Derech Le'Etz HaChaim"]. Stefansky Chassidut, no. 183. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
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