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The owners of Kedem Auction House have been dealing in antique Jewish books and manuscripts for many years, and have long been interested in items related to the history and culture of the Jewish people. Kedem Auction House conducts public auctions of religious books (Sifrei Kodesh), manuscripts and rabbinical letters, in addition to sales of other historical items related to Jewish history, culture and art, and the history of Palestine and the Holy Lands. Their specialists have particular expertise in religious books (Sifrei Kodesh) and modern Jewish culture.

Besides books and manuscripts, Kedem Auction House also handles a wide range of paper items, including letters, photographs, works of graphic art and posters. They also include objects and artefacts related to these specialty fields in their sales, such as Hannuka lamps, Kiddush cups, Chala covers, and a variety of other domestic objects relating to Jewish culture, as well as Palestinian objects such as Bezalel works, olive wood items, and local ceramics.

The owners selected the name Kedem for the auction house, as the word implies both a reference to past times as well as a sense of progress and moving forward. Kedem Auction House prides itself on its professionalism and the quality and value of the items it offers for sale.

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Bible - Hamburg, 1588 - Hollow Letters
Torah, Nevi'im, Ketuvim. Hamburg, [1588]. One of the Bible editions printed between 1586-1589 in Hamburg. The root-letters are printed in regular fonts, while the letters which are not root letters are printed in a hollow font. Each word has root letters completed in tiny letters above the word. Editor's preface in Latin appears at beginning of book, which contains a Hebrew grammar chart with explanations in Latin. [23] leaves. 1135, [1], 1141-1572 pages [missing first title page? - separate title pages for the Nevi'im Rishonim, Nevi'im Acharonim and Ketuvim]. 36.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains and creases. Two leaves of preface detached. Moth damage. Scotch tape restoration. Handwritten notations indicating yearly Haftarot. Antique leather binding. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
News of Tel-Aviv Municipality - Collection of Issues - 1925-1928
Yediot Iriyat Tel-Aviv [Hebrew: News of Tel-Aviv Municipality]. Cooperative printing press "HaPo'el HaTza'ir" / A. Ittin and S. Shoshani printing press. Tel-Aviv, September 1925 - December 1928. Collection of issues from the first three years. Collection of issues of the bi-weekly "News of Tel-Aviv Municipality". First year: issues 1-24 (in 22 booklets); second year: issues 1-22 (in 17 booklets); third year: issues 1-11 (in 7 booklets). Booklets ca. 32 cm. Condition varies. Ex-library copies. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Two Ketubot - Morocco / Tunisia
* A printed ketuba, completed with handwritten details, witnesses' signatures and authorization signed by Rabbi "Chaim David ben Sussan". Casablanca, 1949. [Rabbi Chaim David ben Sussan (1881-1960), Ra'avad and Chief Rabbi of Casablanca from 1935]. 42 cm. Fair condition, tears to paper folds taped on the reverse side. *Handwritten ketuba. "On Tuesday, two o'clock in the afternoon, the tenth of Tamuz, five thousand six hundred and ninety-nine years after Creation". Witnesses' signatures (Rabbi "Shimon Naoy" and Rabbi "Avraham Taib") stamp of the Beit Din and stamp of community offices. Government stamps and document stamps. Tunisia, 1939. Government paper, 29.5 cm. Good-fair condition, minor damage to margins. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Collection of Haggadot and Prayer Books - London, 19th Century and
25 haggadot and prayer books printed in London, some accompanied by illustrations and sheet music. London, 19th century and first half of the 20th century (one book was printed later). English, Hebrew and some Yiddish. 1-19. Nineteen haggadot printed in London, including: * Passover haggadah, translated from Hebrew to English - "Service for the Two First Nights of Passover". London: Morrice Phillips, 5591 [1831]. * Passover haggadah: Service for the Two First Nights of Passover, edited by Isaac Levi. London: Hyman Barnett, 5603 [1843]. * The Earliest Illustrated Haggadah, by Lazarus Goldschmidt. London: Barmalea Books Sales, 1940. Facsimile edition, numbered 91/200. * And more. 20-25. Six prayer books printed in London, including: * Order of Daily Prayers, printed by Zvi Ben Avraham. London, [1836]. Two volumes. * Forms of Prayer… Volume I: Daily and Sabbath Prayers, edited by D.W. Marks. Printed by J. Wertheimer & Co, 5601 [1841]. * And more. Five of the books are not in NLI. A detailed list will be sent upon request. Size and condition vary. Good-fair overall condition. Stains. Some of the books contain detached or partly detached leaves and bindings. Some have tears and open tears (mostly small, to margins). Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
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