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As the world’s online auctions pioneer, Auctionata offer the gamut of services of an art and auction house entirely over the Internet. Working 100% online, the company offers evaluation, appraisal, authentication and marketing of precious objects, along with all associated logistics. The vision of the Berlin based start-up is to open up the international art market to the general public via the direct access made possible by the internet and to bring the thrill of the auction room live and in HD on to the computers, tablets and mobile devices from bidders all over the world.

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Barnebys Weekly Top Auction Picks

This week we take a look at America from different perspectives. From folk art to fine art, militaria to modern luxury, by Sunday we are sure to have a well-rounded view of the red, white and blue.


We Love Silver in All Shapes and Sizes!

Silver, an ancient precious metal, is as diverse as it is beautiful. Mined from different corners of the globe, it is used in film photography, solar power cells and insulation materials. Silver is also used to make coins, jewelry, tableware and décor. Since it has been around for so long, many silver objects carry with them a rich historical background. Barnebys has taken a look at the different silver pieces that are currently available for auction and present to you just a small selection of the many, remarkable items.

Barnebys is Crazy for Chairs!

When we say that we have something for everyone, we aren't lying. Take chairs for example, at Barnebys there are as many styles and designs as there are tastes. Which one is your favorite?