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Montana Territory Knives Wave Damascus & Turquoise

This is an original handmade high-quality twisted Damascus knife from the Montana Territory Knives of Bozeman, Montana. The knife shows a Rocky Mountain Ram horn grip scales with dual turquoise inlays and is one of our more artful knives. The knife blade has been forged from 396 layers of very high quality 1095HC (High Carbon) steel and 15N20 Nickel Carbon which is then heated and folded creating the astounding “Damascus” steel. The knife shows an excellent wave Damascus pattern with immense detail. The hollow grind full tang blade has been paired with this fine wild animal bone scales that are accented by the polished stainless-steel bolster along with four large polished gem quality Turquoise stone inlays, a truly artful addition. The turquoise is both a green/blue typical turquoise with black matrix and an exotic red turquoise with black matrix. The scales are held onto the full tang blade with one large mosaic pin of copper and brass along with three other brass pins. At the end of the handle shows a pierced lanyard hole. The back of the blade tang shows intricate hand done vine file engraving work which artfully accents the already beautiful handmade knife. The blade is a great Every Day Carry (EDC) slight drop point large blade bowie knife. The knife has been paired with a Great American Bison Buffalo leather hand crafted sheath. The knife is in brand new condition and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity along with a Lifetime warranty. The blade is marked with the “MONTANA TERRITORY KNIVES BOZEMAN MONTANA” stamping which shows the outline of Montana. The knife measures overall 8 7/8” in length with the blade being 4.25” long. The sheath measures 8” by 3.5”.Read more

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Cree Presentation Dag Knife Mid-19th Century

This is a wonderful original American Indian Dag knife attributed to the Cree Native American Indians and dating to circa Mid-19th Century. This “Chief’s Grade” or “Presentation Grade” knife features a solid wood nicely figured grain handle / grip that is secured with seven silver pins and rivets. This style of ornate dag knife is referred to as a “Chief’s Grade” or “Presentation Grade” knife as they were given to Chief’s and tribal dignitaries during trade negotiations and treaty signings. The forged iron knife shows a raised median ridge running down the center of the blade, a documented early weapon features also seen on dag knives dating to pre-1860. Th dag fighting knife is adorned with brass trade tacks at the pommel or end along with two at the bolster on one side and one with a silver pewter crown emblem on the other. The crown emblem indicates that the dag knife was likely of British manufacture for the fur trade. American Indian early dag knives are commonly referred to as “Beaver Paddle/ Beavertail” dag knives. This is due to the fact most dag knives were traded on the frontier along the Great Lakes region through the St. Lawrence seaway westward by early fur traders. From the Great Lakes region on westward the knives became very popular among the Northern Plains/Upper Plateau tribes such as the Cree, Metis, Blackfoot, Nez Perce, Chippewa/Ojibiwa and Shoshone. These were made to be killing weapons, this is why dag knives show a clean long double-sided blade without any serration as they were for battle. Unlike other knives worn by Indian Warriors the dag knife would have been worn around the Indians neck on his chest. The knife shows a rich original patina and signs of age and use with minor nicks and expected wear, otherwise the piece displays very well. Provenance: From the Ben Thompson Collection, a noted war club and tomahawk collector and author / expert. The piece comes from the same collector as the Dag Knife sold by our company on 4/29/2017 for $10,200 (with premiums) that was authenticated by the Sotheby’s expert David Roche and from the same collection as the Cree Dag Knife with Sheath that sold for $12,300 (with premiums) at our companies 8/25/2018 sale. The piece shows the proper signs of age and use with minor dings and scratches and a fine patina. Measures overall 13”L.Read more

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Hand Carved Wooden Buffalo from Montana
This is a hand carved wooden buffalo from Montana. The buffalo was carved from a single piece of wood. It shows incredibly fine detail and fantastic artistic craftsmanship. The carving is in good condition. It measures 2.25" x 7" and 5" tall. North American Auction Company
1876-1877 Chicago White Stockings Lithograph
This is an 1876-1877 Chicago White Stockings championship lithograph. The piece shows wonderful graphics that includes nine of the team's top players including Albert Spalding, Cal McVey, Cap Anson, Ross Barnes and several others. The lithograph is in good overall condition. Exact age is unknown. It measures 23" x 28.75". North American Auction Company
Navajo Early Old Pawn Silver & Turquoise Bracelet
This is a Navajo Native American Indian early old pawn silver bracelet or cuff with rich turquoise. The piece shows a very heavy construction and is hand sign etched "RR". The piece has excellent polished nugget turquoise with the center piece showing a rich transition from light to deep blue and a brown/red matrix. Measures (shipping) 2 3/8"H x 3"L x 1 7/8"D. Bracelet has a 7.5" inside circumference wrist size. North American Auction Company
"ONE FOR THE ROAD" Bronze Wash Sculpture This lot
This lot features a resin cast with bronze wash sculpture titled "ONE FOR THE ROAD". This piece shows a cowboy leaning over from his horse to kiss his sweetheart. It was made by Western Moments. The sculpture is in very good condition. It measures 7.5" x 11.5" and is 12" tall. North American Auction Company
Eastern Sioux Human Effigy Spontoon War Club 19th
This is an excellent Eastern Sioux Human Effigy Spontoon War Club Tomahawk believed to be from the Missouri Valley Area. The war club tomahawk is believed to be from the 19th century and shows a solid wood construction with forged iron double edge Revolutionary War like spontoon blade. The blade shows a medium ridge down the center of both sides of the blade which has been documented as being an early attribution to authentic pieces. The spontoon tomahawk blade is protruding from the human effigy carving?s mouth with the carving shows the effigy face and a ridged porcupine hair roach. The end of the handle shows a raised edge which would have rest against the user?s hands. The entire piece shows a rich red like pigment and patina, a sign of early age and use. Overall appears to be in fine condition. From a Historical Montana, Indian Collection. Sotheby?s Auction offered a similar example as being an authentic Eastern Sioux Human Effigy War Club and also shows the blade protruding from the mouth and the effigy having a hair roach mohawk. Measures overall 13 7/8?L x 7 1/8?W with a 3.75?L x 1 1/8?W blade. North American Auction Company

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