Artnet Auctions offers online auctions around the clock, with modern and contemporary art along with photos and lithographs by prominent artists is auctioned. Artnets knowledgeable experts gives you advise on auction estimates and values the art before it is placed for sale on Artnets website. Collectors from all around the world visit the website every day and its items thereby reaches a global audience. 

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8 Artists to Orbit the Moon on SpaceX Rocket
Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese millionaire and collector of modern and contemporary art, will be the first private person to orbit the mood. And he will be bringing some friends...
Barney at Barnebys
The extraordinary modernist collection of Barney A. Ebsworth, described as one of the most important on the market today, has arrived at Christie’s and will be released next November.
The FBI of the Art World
London-based organization, Art Loss Register fights international art crime on a daily basis. Thanks to their tireless work, many lost and stolen artworks have found their way back to their rightful owners.
Lucie Rie or the tea ceremony
Lucie Rie, née Gomperz, was born on 16 March 1902 in Vienna, at that time the capital of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Her father, Dr Benjamin Gomperz, was an adept of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis.
Fabergé's eternal Easter
Before settling in Nicolas I’s Imperial Russia in the 1830s, the Fabergé family, after fleeing France’s hostility towards Protestants, spread out to Germany, then Livonia, on the Baltic coast.

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