Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo provides a service of expertise and permanent sales not only for Monaco and its region, but also Paris, Geneva, Brussels and Milan, with correspondences in Los Angeles, New York, Beirut and Singapore.

Hôtel des Ventes de Monte-Carlo relies on a large network of experts whose specialties are as varied as the ancient and modern paintings, sculpture, furniture and works of art, jewelry and watches, the design, wine, jewelry, fashion and vintage objects are. HMVC is meant to be accessible to everyone that wants confidential and free estimates, whether for selling, insurance or as part of an inventory.

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An impressive selection at HVMC
On Saturday, June 16th, the Monte-Carlo Auction House will be displaying an impressive variety of lots, featuring masterpieces from both China and Japan, as well as furniture and art from private collections.
Two impressive sales at auction house HVMC
This sunday, May 6th, 342 high quality items will be presented by the Monte Carlo Auction House, during two exciting sales. Whether your passion lies in art or in history, HVMC’s collection won’t disappoint.
Gods and Goddesses only know: Depictions of deities from the ancient world
We take a look at two incredible pieces of ancient art which reveal how gods and goddesses were depicted in Roman and Greek culture.
Rousseau of the Jungle
Henri Julien Rousseau dit le Douanier may have never seen a jungle in his lifetime, but he became quite the master of the wild.

Realized prices "HVMC "

comprenant un pendentif en or jaune cisel, orn d'une goutte de quartz rose retenu par une chane d'or jaune et un pendentif en jade sculpt et or jaune reprsentant un boudha.\n\nLongueur : 4,5 et 3 cm environ.\n\nLongueur de la chane : 46 cm environ.\n\nPoids brut : 34,1 g.\n\nA lot comprising a quartz and 18K gold pendant and a jade and 18K gold pendant. HVMC
Sautoir en anneaux imbriqus de mtal dor, des perles d'imitation alternent avec des perles de verre imitant le lapis et des perles de mtal dor ajoures.Annes 1950.Longueur : 176 cm environ. HVMC
en or gris, ornée d’un beau rubis coussin de forme rectangulaire pesant 2,15 cts, sur griffes d’or jaune, dans un entourage souligné de diamants.\n\nDimensions de la pierre : 8,77 x 6,83 x 4,02 mm.\n\nTDD : 55-56, US : 8 (modifiable).\n\nPoids : 4 g (18K – 750/1000).\n\nA diamond and 18K gold ring, set with a cushion-shaped ruby weighing 2,15 cts.\n\nLa bague accompagnée d’un certificat G.R.S. attestant ; origine Birmanie, couleur « Pigeon's blood » naturelle sans modification thermique. HVMC
en or jaune, centrés d'une citrine ronde cerclée d'or gris.\n\nPoids : 7,4 g (18K - 750/1000).\n\nA pair of 18K gold and citrine ear clips. HVMC
Lot 434
en boule d'or gris pave de diamants et rehausse de petites pastilles saillantes galement paves de diamants.Poids : 38,4 g.A diamond and 18K gold ring. HVMC

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