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Gianguan Auctions (also known as Hong Kong Auctions) specializes in Chinese and Asian arts and has a wide clientele from China and Asia. Established in Hong Kong in 2002, a New York office opened in 2004. Four times a year, auctions are held at the Lefcourt Building on New York's Madison Ave. Under the management of Mr. Kwong Lum, Gianguan has successfully sourced high-quality consignments that has resulted in record prices. Recently, Mr. Lum was appointed by Beijing's National Museum's Appraisal Centre as its chief consultant, an exceptional honour, which solidifies their reputation as experts in Chinese, antiques.

Gianguan Auctions Fine Chinese Art Auctions include an important selection of American Chinese private collections of traditional painting and calligraphy, bronzes, porcelain, jade and scholars items, dating from the Soong Dynasty to contemporary time with representations from each period.

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Asia Week Sale at Gianguan Auctions!
Gianguan Auctions will be hosting their Asia Week: Fine Chinese Paintings, Ceramics, Bronzes and Works of Art Auction in New York this month. The sale includes several rare bronze castings of Buddhist gods, cloisonné pieces from the Qing dynasty and artwork from both historic and contemporary artists.

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Li Keran Viewing a Painting 李可染 (1907 - 1989) 观画图
李可染(1907 - 1989)观画图设色水墨纸本立轴款识:观画图 可染钤印:(可染)(孺子牛)(可贵瞻)Li KeranViewing a PaintingHanging Scroll, Ink & Color on PaperEntitled and signed Keran, with three artist seals Gianguan Auctions
A Guan-Type Vase with Three Relief Carved Dragons 仿官窑粉青釉塑雕三龙瓶
仿官窑粉青釉塑雕三龙瓶 A Guan-Type Vase with Three Relief Carved Dragons Gianguan Auctions
Hongzhi Mark Blue and White Children at Play Conical Bowl Flaring to an Everted Rim and A Song
弘治款青花婴戏纹敞口碗、宋耀州窑印花盘 Hongzhi Mark Blue and White Children at Play Conical Bowl Flaring to an Everted Rim and A Song, Yaozhouyao Celadon-glazed Small Plate with Carved Floral Gianguan Auctions
Wu Guanzhong Suhang Landscape 吴冠中(1919 - 2010) 苏杭印象
吴冠中 (1919 - 2010) 苏杭印象 设色水墨纸本手卷 款识:吴冠中 钤印:(冠中写生) Wu Guanzhong Suhang Landscape Hand Scroll, Ink & Color on Paper Signed Wu Guanzhong, with one artist seal Gianguan Auctions
Tianhuang Square Seal Carved with Qilin atop 田黄辟邪钮大印章
田黄辟邪钮大印章边刻(丙午春雨坤皋刻石) 印文(不知人间何处有此境)田黄印体光整洁,萝卜纹清晰可见。顶部雕钮为蹲立辟邪,双目圆睁,神态威武。 Tianhuang Square Seal Carved with Qilin atopThe large seal is powerfully carved with a ferocious Qilin squatting on a square pedestal. The stone of a rich golden amber color with characteristic veins. Dated on the front with script characters on seal face. Gianguan Auctions
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