Peter Francis Auctioneers

Having existed for close to 100 years, Peter Francis Auctioneers has a strong hold of the Antique and Fine Art market throughout the whole of Wales and beyond. Recently, modern technology and the online market has completely converted our saleroom and has led to a huge increase of customers from all corners of the world.

Recently relocating to the Towyside Salerooms in Old Station Road led to an old post office sorting office being converted into a modern saleroom facility incorporating offices, large sales floor, storage, cataloguing and processing areas. Some 6,000 square feet of first floor offices, presently available for rental but providing room for expansion in the future, together with two training or conference rooms, are used by the Company and are also available for daily rental. All sales, valuation days and office facilities are now available at the single, multi-purpose venue of Towyside Salerooms.

The saleroom is home to fortnightly Specialist sales, Antique and Fine Art sales, and Furnishing and Collector’s sales with a weekly free valuation morning with one of our trained and qualified valuers.


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