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In 2009 Vincent Zwiggelaar started his own auction house and organized his first auction in the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. After that his auction house grew and he continued organizing auctions two times a year. Now Zwiggelaar Auctions is specialized in books, photography, posters, comic books, (graphic) art and related objects.

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[Weeklies] , O.M. no. 1. OM is nieuw al 11000 jaar oud. 20 pp. - and
[Weeklies] , O.M. no. 1. OM is nieuw al 11000 jaar oud. 20 pp. - and 4 colour versions of the cover pages + Bikkelacht. No. 64 to 66. Olofspoort-Magazine, 22 pp. incl. a comic by Theo van de Boogaard + De Lastige Amsterdammer. No. 4 and 5 + Geïllustreerd Behaniënnieuws, 2nd volume, no. 1, 1969 - and 18 others. (total 29) Zwiggelaar Auctions
[Aviation] Commemorative plates Uiver with Ooievaar
Londen-Melbourne. Koninklijke Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland Gouda. Polychrome painting. Diam. 26 cm. + Londen Melbourne 20-24 oct 1934. Koninklijke Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland Gouda. Diameter 22 cm. + Londen Melbourne 20-24 Oct. 1934. Diam. 20 cm. With crack to side - and 1 more with a piece broken off. (total 4) Zwiggelaar Auctions
[AB-books] A is een Aapje
Neerland's Prentenboek. J. Vlieger, Amsterdam, ca. 1900. Stapled, 22.5 x 15 cm. A few notes with regular HB pencil in child's hand, else good + Schuitje varen Theetje drinken, J. Vlieger, Amsterdam, ca. 1890 + Draai het wieltje nog eens om (idem). Light traces of use - and 1 more. (total 4) Zwiggelaar Auctions
Scrap albums
Lot with 2 scrap albums, c. 1850. 1) Album with 116 leaves filled to the brim, mostly with pasted illustrations from contemporary magazines and books. Also incl. several original drawings; 2) Album with 87 filled pages. Both albums shabbily in binding.(total 2) Zwiggelaar Auctions
Raphael Kirchner (1876-1917), 4 different postcards by Kirchner, ca.
Raphael Kirchner (1876-1917), 4 different postcards by Kirchner, ca. 1900-1903. All used with text on front and back. (total 4) Zwiggelaar Auctions
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