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Chinese carved shadow agate snuff bottle
Amazing antique Chinese carved shadow agate snuff bottle with bone spoon. Wonderful three dimensional deep carving with lotus and butterfly. Height: 2.5 inch. Excellent condition. Provenance: Estate of famed snufff bottle collector Agathe Aronson. Charmey's
Chinese small porcelain ginger jar ca 17th c
A fabulous small Chinese blue on white underglaze ginger jar, ca 16-17th century. Height: 5 inches. Excellent condition. Provenance: Private collection, prominent Florida collector. Charmey's
Chinese large deep qianlong porcelain platter 19th c
A fantastic Chinese Qianlong enameled platter with people in romance chamber design. 19th C. 9.6 inches in diameter and 1.5 inch in depth. Excellent perfect condition. Provenance: Private collection, Vancouver, Canada. Charmey's
Chinese large antique lidded carved jade wine vessel
A fantastic Chinese antique lidded carved jade wine vessel in the form of Song dynasty ca 19th c. or early 20th c. Length: 15 cm, height: 17 cm. Excellent condition. Provenance: Madrid, Spain. Charmey's
Chinese certified apple green jade carved dragon
Amazing rare Chinese grade A apple green certified jade flaming dragon pendant. The piece features a dazzling array of bright green colors. 46 mm x 8 mm. 141 carats. Superb polish and translucency. Excellent condition. Provenance: Private collection of a Jeweler, Bermuda. Notes: This bangle has been certified by PNJ and Asian eqivalent of GIA as a natural colored jadeite. The company is also an authority to certify all kinds of precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, etc. also. The original certificate comes with the item offered. Charmey's
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