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How the Free Appraisal Service Works

A forgotten piece of jewelry or painting in the attic? A vintage bag or family heirloom?
Have you always wondered what your artworks and antiques might really be worth? Keep reading to find out all benefits a valuation service can provide you with.


Let Barnebys Instagram Inspire You!

Almost 450 auction houses are currently connected with Barnebys, on our site you can find over 300,000 items that are up for auction. On an average day one new house connects with Barnebys and adds even more items to choose from. We will help you find whatever you’re looking for. Sometimes however, you need a little inspiration. This is something that we deliver daily on Instagram, where we give you an inspiration image followed by matching items that are up for auction. Here are ten of our most popular inspiration images presented with matching items that are currently up for auction.