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Roseville Ivory 703-15" vase. Marked Roseville
Roseville Ivory 703-15" vase. Marked Roseville 703-15. There is a 13" hairline that extends vertically nearly the entire height of the vase on the its side as well as a 1/2" chip to the base foot. 14 1/2" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Frankoma 1972 Easter Plate & Dorcas Plate - Mint
Two Frankoma plates including a 1972 Easter plate and a 1976 plate of Dorcas from the series, "Teen-Agers of the Bible" with certificate. Both fully marked. Mint. 7 1/4" in diameter. Belhorn Auction Services
Belleek Belgian Hawker (Female)
Belleek Belgian Hawker (female) with lustrous coloration to the base and facial coloration. Unmarked. There is a chip to the base and the small round nob in her hand is missing. 6 7/8" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Belleek Frog Vase - 2nd Black
Belleek Frog vase. Cob Lustre coloration to exterior. Marked with black 2nd Mark (1891-1926). Small flake to one lip and some factory peppering to both lips. 5 3/8" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Brush Seated Frog - Mint
Brush seated frog ornament. Unmarked. Mint. 7" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
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