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Belleek Shamrock Pierced Tub Vase - 2nd Black
Belleek Shamrock pierced tub vase. Cob Lustre interior. Marked with black 2nd Mark (1891-1926). Mint. 4 1/2" tall by 5 1/4" wide. Belhorn Auction Services
Belleek Shell Jug - 1st Black
Belleek Shell jug with Cob Lustre interior and orange handle. Marked with black 1st Mark (1863-1890). Excellent condition with some wear to the Cob Lustre interior. 5" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
The Arts & Clay Co. 4 7/8" Drip Glaze Vase - Mint
The Arts & Clay Co. drip glaze vase in white over brown matte. Signed A. Mint. 4 7/8" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Vivika & Otto Heino 1995 Vase - Mint
Vivika & Otto Heino squat vase from 1995. Signed Vivika & Otto 95. Mint. 3 3/4" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
Roseville Water Lily 175-8" Vase - Mint
Roseville Water Lily double handled vase in brown. Marked Roseville USA 175-8". Mint. 8 1/4" tall. Belhorn Auction Services
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