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The photographer of War: Robert Capa
June 27th marks a very special auction held by Be-Hold, which focuses its lens on stunning, groundbreaking photography. Barnebys zooms in on the work of the renowned photographer Robert Capa who covered two of the century’s major wars and thus became one of the 20th century’s most important photojournalists. Here are our top picks.
Balls, boots, shirts and flags: Nearly 200 pieces of soccer memorabilia hit auction market
Just 6 days in to UEFA Euro 2016, and the games are proving as shocking and majestic as ever, in true European football style. Iceland are proving to be the unlikely underdogs, the Republic of Ireland are back after only ever qualifying in 1988 and 2012 and we're only at the group stages.
Modern Art at Dorotheum
On November 24-27 Dorotheum will be presenting to the market an outstanding selection of modern and contemporary art in their Vienna sale room.
''Rembrandt'' discovered in New Jersey
Nye & Company Auctions in Bloomfield, New Jersey could potentially have sold small oil on board by Rembrandt for $870 000.

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The Maharini of Baroda.
13 ¼" x 10 ¾" matte brown print on board mount. The decorative border around the oval subject is part of the photograph. The photographer, from Madras, has signed the print in red in the lower right. The subject has signed the photograph, in ink, recto, with her first name and "Gaekwar." Sita Devi went through what was considered a scandalous marriage in 1943. While still married, she met the fabulously wealthy Maharaja Pratap Singh Gaekwar of Baroda. In order to marry him, she had to dissolve her first marriage under Indian law. To do so she temporarily converted to Islam, and then reverted to Hinduism. She established a lavish residence in Monte Carlo, and was a member of the international jet set, with a world class collection of jewelry. This is a rare early photograph from the early time of her marriage, if not before (she could have signed it later.) The edges of the mount and some of the border area of the print are broken or chewed, but the central image is fine. Be-Hold
Cabinet COLONEL W. F. CODY. Striking portrait of Buffalo Bill made
Cabinet COLONEL W. F. CODY. Striking portrait of Buffalo Bill made in the arduous Woodburytype process that resulted in rich chocolate brown durable prints. No maker, but made in England. Minor diagonal crease that just touches his right elbow does not disturb the surface and is not a distraction. [3] Be-Hold
LANDSCAPE STUDIO BACKDROPS, Ca. 1870. Four albumen prints on cabinet card mounts by an unknown photographer, probably French. These are elaborately painted backdrops. The cabinet cards were likely used to advertise these for the use of photographic studios. Several have numbers in the negative, the largest being "36." I am trying to imagine how there could be 36 or more of these. Would they be rented by studios? If they were for sale they would be costly. Perhaps they were painted on cloth, as the horizontal one seems to show some rough edge on the bottom. A fascinating group. Be-Hold
"Physiogs" 1930 game
"PHYSIOGS" THE NOVEL CARD GAME, 1930. A game of great sociological interest invented by Jacques Penry, author of "Character from the Face" and other books that hark back to 19th century (and earlier) phrenology, studies of emotional states (Darwin) and taxonomies of mental conditions and criminology. There are four cards depicting the borders of faces, two male, two female. There is a set of 13 eyes, 13 noses, 13 mouths--all of this is photographic! The challenge is to create coherent faces by matching appropriate features for various types such as "Dissipated," "Magnetic" "Crafty- Self-centered." This is a complete set in the original box including the rules and the "book of keys." Everything just shows a slight sense of use; some edges of the box are split. [3] Be-Hold
All 3 have faces full of character and mood. Mother has a long scarf. There are hats on the ground of this rustic outdoor scene. CDV size tintype. [3+] Be-Hold
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