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Art for all at Barridoff Galleries
Whether you are a seasoned collector or starting your very first collection, Barridoff Galleries has pieces for all price ranges. Barnebys have picked their favorite works from the auction on Wednesday 22nd.

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Murray Hantman - 'Storm, Monhegan'
Signed "Hantman" u.r. Barridoff Galleries
PETER NEWELL Am. 1862-1924
PETER NEWELL Am. 1862-1924 The March Hare's whiskers-mercy me...Oh, darn, I am so tired...Why is that candle burning... burning The March Hare draws the cork.. Oh dear, the Bull Frog's voice...There it has tied itself... A-chew! A-chew!...That must have been a Molly Bat...Oh that was such a lovely ride...Watercolor, ink, and pencil Barridoff Galleries
ANTONIO ZUCCHI It. 1726 -1796
ANTONIO ZUCCHI It. 1726 -1796 Virgil Reading the Aeneid to Augustus and Octavia Oil on canvas 37 1/2 × 50 1/2 in.(95.3 × 128.3 cm) Barridoff Galleries
Master of the Venetian Mainland - 'Saint Florian Holding a Lance'
Saint Florian Holding a Lance Barridoff Galleries
Leon Moran
Dressing the Children Barridoff Galleries
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