Peter Gallery

In 1967, the art gallery Peter Gallery was founded by Luciano Peterlongo. Thereinafter, his son Marco took over the business and turned it in to an online auction house with offices in both Verona and Brescia, and specialized in the great masters of classical and contemporary painting and sculpturing.

Articles related to Peter Gallery


A Businessman in the East Village: Anders Wall Collection

Anders Wall, one of the most famous businessmen in Swedish history, spent a lot of time in New York in the early 80s. In the daytime, he was all about business, and worked hard as the chairman of the board for Volvo. At night, however, he took on another role, and was guided around one of the most radical locations in the global art scene: the East Village. The artists he met with fascinated him, and he soon built up a collection of works purchased from the now-legendary galleries in the neighbourhood. CFHILL is currently showing an exhibition titled "East Village Revisited – Anders Wall Collection".


Francis Bacon: The Tragic Artist

Painter of violence and sadism, of flesh and blood, Francis Bacon is also known as a painter of life. His works, known for their flayed tones and dark imagery, are highly valued and among the most expensive in the world.

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