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Ark Auctions mission is to connect buyers and sellers. They have a good network of buyers including their local following, online bidders from all over the world, and bidders through their partner sites. They offer a live auction feed to their Internet bidders. No matter your location, you can have a front-row look at each item up for bid. With their resources, they are able to bring sellers a fair-market value for their items while upholding their high levels of integrity and confidence. Due to the high demand of clients, Ark Auction has expanded from Asian art and antique auctions into fine art, paintings, modern art, European and American furniture, jewelry, and natural history.

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A finely carved shoushan soapstone figure group
壽山石雕仕女組件\nA Finely Carved Shoushan Soapstone Figure Group: Finely Carved Openwork Of Two Beauties Dressed in Long, Loose Robes Surrounded By Swirling Ribbons While Holding Large Flower Branches, Each The Hair Is Finely incised And Pulled Up into A Tall Chignon Beneath A Loosely Draped Cowl, The Luminous Stone Is Of Warm, Creamy Honey Color, Presented On A Wood Stand, 18Th/19Th Century; Size: H: 8" (20.32cm) Ark Auction
A Jade or Agate Bangle
A Jade or Agate Bangle; Size: D: 2-1/2"; Thickness: 16mm Ark Auction
A chinese antique gilt bronze amitayus
十八/十九世紀銅鎏金嵌寶無量壽佛\nA Chinese Antique Gilt Bronze Amitayus: Tibeto-Chinese, 18Th/19Th Century, Seated in Dhyanasana On A Double-Lotus Base, The Hems Of His Voluminous Dhoti incised With A Foliate Motif Adorned With A Flowing Sash Over Both Arms, An Elaborate Beaded Belt And Various Necklaces, The Face With Downcast Eyes Flanked By Lotus Earrings And Flowing Ribbons Surmounted By A Jeweled Tiara, The Hair Pulled into A High Chignon, The Base Sealed With A Double-Vajra; Size: H: 6-3/4" (17.15cm) Ark Auction
Chinese 19th C. Antique Underglazed Red B&W Snuff
Chinese 19th C. Antique Underglazed Red Blue White Porcelain Snuff Bottle: Signed QIANLONG on base; Size: H: 3-3/4" Ark Auction
A Chinese Antique Blue & White Porcelain Sugar
A Chinese Antique Blue & White Porcelain Sugar; Size: H: 5" Ark Auction
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