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The Kings Fortune

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The History of Notre Dame

On April 15, a fire broke out at Notre-Dame in Paris, leading to the destruction of its roof and spire. Here we look back on the rich history and architectural details of the 12th-century Gothic cathedral, which has become a symbol of France.

Works of art

Tiffany, the King of Diamonds

Diamonds are eternal, and welcome at any time of the day, even – or maybe especially – at breakfast. Film director Blake Edwards knew this for a fact when he immortalised Audrey Hepburn in a black Givenchy dress, lingering in front of the jewellery store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.


The Delirium of Dali

With the reopening of the Espace Dali this year in Paris, we delve into the Surrealistic world of eccentric artist Salvador Dali.