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An impressive selection at HVMC

On Saturday, June 16th, the Monte-Carlo Auction House will be displaying an impressive variety of lots, featuring masterpieces from both China and Japan, as well as furniture and art from private collections.


Barnebys meets the President of one of the world's most modern auction houses

Since last August, Anna-Karin Laurell has taken helmas the new CEO of Bukowskis auctions. With experience from previous executive positions in the service sector, she wants to work to increase the transparency and to lower thresholds and the high-end stigma. Anna-Karin Laurell may not be familiar with the art world, but she knows how to run a growing business.


The online wine market: Stéphane Deubel, founder of

Cavacave is an exceptional wine and spirits brokerage platform founded in 2013.. With an average of three sales per month, it brings sellers and buyers around the world closer to rare flasks and fine wines. We've sat down with Stéphane Deubel, founder of Cavacave, to discover what is in store.