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1146: 2 PC Lot of Oriental Porcelain
LOW BUYERS PREMIUM (10%) NO RESERVE AUCTION! BIDDING STARTS AT $10!This is a beautiful 2 PC Lot of Oriental Porcelain. It includes a cramer and plate. All are decorated with blue design on white background. There are no hallmarks on either of the pieces and both are in good condition. SKU: 763040 Jeremiah's International Trading Company
1396: KPM Candlesticks
LOW BUYERS PREMIUM (10%) NO RESERVE AUCTION! BIDDING STARTS AT $10!This is a lovely pair of KPM candlesticks = marked on bottom Royal Porzellan Bavaria KPM Germany handarbeit. They are beautifully decorated with flowers and birds. They are in Perfect condition. SKU: 845412 Jeremiah's International Trading Company
8144: Silver 1542-55 4 Reale Carolus 1st Coin
LOW BUYERS PREMIUM (10%) NO RESERVE AUCTION! BIDDING STARTS AT $10!This beautiful silver coin is an old 1542-1555 4 Reale coin minted under the reign of King Charles the First.The coin is irregular shape due to cutting coin blanks from crudely cast bars of refined silver.Each coin was hand hammered and clipped to the proportionate rate.This coin was minted under the reign of Charles V (24 February 1500 – 21 September 1558) was Holy Roman Emperor King of Aragon Castile Naples and Sicily and ruler of the Burgundian territories. In Spain he ruled officially as Carlos I though he is often referred to as Carlos V.With the death of his grand-father Ferdinand II on May 30 1516 Charles became the first king of a united Spain[2] Charles inherited his grandfathers realm which included Aragon Navarre Naples Sicily and Sardinia and also became joint-king of Castile and guardian of his insane mother Joanna. With the Castilian crown he also gained Granada and the Spanish possessions in the New World.In 1556 Charles abdicated his various positions giving his personal empire to his son Philip II of Spain and the Holy Empire to his brother Ferdinand. Charles retired to the monastery of Yuste in Extremadura but continued to correspond widely and kept an interest in the situation of the empire.Charles died on September 21 1558. Twenty-six years later his remains were transferred to the Royal Pantheon of The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. GOLD/METAL TYPE: NONE RING SIZE: (US) SKU: 756246 Jeremiah's International Trading Company
733: 14KW 2.78ct Pear cut .16ct Diamond Swirling Bridge
LOW BUYERS PREMIUM (10%) NO RESERVE AUCTION! BIDDING STARTS AT $10!This fabulous ring feature a 2.78 carat Deep Apple Green Pear cut Peridot set into a white gold mounting.The ring features a Swirling Bridge of a Double Row of .16carat total weight of Diamonds set above the Sparkling Peridot.This fabulous ring weighs 5.5grams and is a size 7. Retail Value $1120.00 GOLD/METAL TYPE: 14KWG GRAM WEIGHT: 5.5 RING SIZE: 7(US) SKU: 152111 Jeremiah's International Trading Company
15008: Figural Brass Lady Lamp with Marble Base
LOW BUYERS PREMIUM (10%) NO RESERVE AUCTION! BIDDING STARTS AT $10!This is a wonderful Lady Figural Brass Lamp on Marble base. This unique piece has a chandelier look. It is 24 inches tall and 7 1/2 inches in diameter at base. The lamp base is a lovely figure of a lady holding a torch with ball which branches out to hold the circle of 5 inch crystal prisms. The very top of the lamp holds a single tear drop bulb. The would make a lovely addition to an parlour. GOLD/METAL TYPE: NONE SKU: 762160 Jeremiah's International Trading Company
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