Pandolfini Casa d'Aste

The Pandolfini auction house was founded in 1924 by Cavalier Luigi Pandolfini who began with sales of furniture, furnishings and works of art. During the second half of the 1940s, Pandolfini began to organize ever more frequent auctions of furniture, furnishings, nineteenth-century and Old Master paintings belonging to large hotels, private homes, villas owned by the Florentine nobility, and to important private collections forming an integral part of Tuscan heritage.
At the beginning of the 1950s as the quality of the objects up for auction grew and the auction sessions themselves became more frequent, it became necessary to search for a main office where the art and antiques auctions could be held. It was in these years that Pandolfini moved to the piano nobile of Borgo degli Albizi 26: to the important Palazzo Ramirez Montalvo and began to publish catalogues to meet the requirements of a more demanding market.
It was not until the 1990s, however, that a more pronounced structural change took place. The goals and structure of the company was changed to make the business more competitive, organized and efficient while the sales aims were directed towards a more national and international market.
The results were immediately visible and, almost ten years later, Pandolfini auction house has now become a leader in the Italy, in terms of volume of sales and its reputation in all sectors, which now extends beyond national boundaries. This success is also thanks to its specialized staff who are constantly at the disposal of the more demanding clients, turning their requirements into profitable investments.
From the outset, the Pandolfini auction house has dealt in Tuscan antiques, which are of high-quality and great historical and artistic value. Since 1968 sales of the collections of important and aristocratic Tuscan, Italian and international families have been held.
The prestigious house-sales and single owner auctions that have taken place over the years have met and exceeded all sales estimates; they have come, in such a way, to represent an important part of the business which has further developed in the course of the years.

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