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3 Pieces Amber Necklace with Earrings Set
琥珀项链及耳环一对\n\nButterscotch amber necklace and earrings; comprised of numbers natural-shaped amber beads; of egg york yellow tone; D: 23 cm, 96 grams(Both) 888 Auctions
1368-1398 Ming Hongwu 1 Cash Hartill-20.57 7 PC
Seven (7) Chinese Ming Dynasty Hongwu (1368-98) 1 cash bronze coins; obverse lettering Hongwu Tong Bao; Hartill-20.57; 1. D: 23.23 mm, 3.506 grams_x000D_\n2. D: 23.34 mm, 2.623 grams_x000D_\n3. D: 23.82 mm, 2.787 grams_x000D_\n4. D: 23.75 mm, 3.875 grams_x000D_\n5. D: 22.94 mm, 3.846 grams_x000D_\n6. D: 24.34 mm, 3.834 grams_x000D_\n7. D: 22.08 mm, 2.559 grams 888 Auctions
Chinese Famille Rose Two Part Porcelain Vase
Chinese copper red ground with landscape of the inner vase rests inside of rounded reticulated celadon body of the outer vase. The vase is heavily decorated with floral sprays and auspicious objects. H: 42 cm, D: 20 cm. 888 Auctions
Chinese Soapstone Scholar Figure
皂石人物像\n\nChinese soapstone carved figure; depicting standing scholar with a scroll in hands; the base connected with a stand made of similar material; H: 25 cm, W: 9 cm, 1276 grams 888 Auctions
1078 Song Yuanfeng Zhongbao 2 Cash Hartill-16.225
Northern Song Dynasty Yuanfeng (1078-1085) 2 Cash bronze coin; obverse lettering Yuan Feng Tong Bao in seal script; squarish bao; Hartill-16.226, FD-972; D: 28.79 mm, 6.636 grams 888 Auctions

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