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Ezekiel's Ringer T-Shirt Costume
Ezekiel was a cool cucumber. He was always steady under pressure and eager to keep others calm and his style reflected those feelings. His clothes, like this outfit, were always fresh, while staying effortlessly chill. Included in this lot are: (3 Pieces) American Apparel Sky Blue Ringer T-Shirt with Navy & White Jersey Ring around Shoulder Navy Sleeve & Collar Trim 'Books' written on sticker, Ardel Wool & Polyester Cadet Blue Pants, Brown Levis Belt with Oil Brushed Bronze Square Buckle. This outfit can be seen in episode three. TGD255 ScreenBid
Cadillac's Black Asian Nightstand Set
Cadillac’s whole life was a story of style over substance. But you had to hand it to him, the man had a look. And now, you can too with this nightstand set. TGD959 ScreenBid
Dee Dee Ramone's Notebook
The Get Down is more than a celebration of music; it's a celebration of New York's position in American culture. Art, music, fashion, and state of mind can be seen born in NYC and spread clear across the country, greatly influencing modern American culture. Continue in that celebration with this notebook. TGD428 ScreenBid
Flash's Jewelry
Flash had the fastest hands in the Bronx and blew the game wide open with his quick mix technique. When you’re that revolutionary, you express yourself in every way possible, including your wardrobe. Now you can dress like the best with Flash’s clothes. Included in this lot are: (4 Pieces) 1 gold-colored Chain Necklace 2 medium gold-colored rings with Black Stone 1 Large gold-colored Ring with Black Stone. TGD1157 ScreenBid
Kipling's Barber Pole
What is a classic hair shop without a barber pole? Whether you chop locks yourself or just want to decorate like you do, this vintage pole from episode three of part one is for you. TGD20 ScreenBid
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