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GÜRTNER FRANZ: (1881-1941) German Minister of
GÜRTNER FRANZ: (1881-1941) German Minister of Justice in Adolf Hitler's cabinet (1932-41). Vintage signed postcard photograph of Gürtner in a head and shoulders pose. Photograph by Heinrich Hoffmann of Munich. Signed ('Dr. Franz Gurtner') in bold black fountain pen ink with his name alone to the verso. Together with a typed letter of transmittal signed by a member of Gurtner's staff, one page, 4to, Berlin, 11th May 1936, to Max Gantner, a Staatsbankinspektor, on the printed stationery of the Minister of Justice, acknowledging receipt of Gantner's letter and forwarding the signed photograph of Gürtner as requested. EX IAA Spain
MASSENET JULES: (1842-1912)
MASSENET JULES: (1842-1912) French Composer. An excellent A.M.Q.S., J. Massenet, one page, oblong 8vo, Paris, 1885. The composer has neatly penned four bars of music, with carefully written words beneath (´N´est-ce plus ma main que cette main preserve? N´est-ce plus ma voix?.. N´est-elle pour toi plus une caresse?..´) in French, which he identifies and underlines at the heading from his opera `Manon (acte III)´. Inscribed to his friend Victor Roger. The musical quotation is dated in 1885, the year after the premiere. Small traces of former mounting to the edges, otherwise VG £150-200 Victor Roger (1853-1903) French operettas Composer. Manon (1884) Opera composed by Massenet. The quotation corresponds to the well-known soprano aria of Manon in the third act. IAA Spain
PUCCINI GIACOMO: (1858-1924) Italian Composer. A.L.S., Giacomo Puccini
PUCCINI GIACOMO: (1858-1924) Italian Composer. A.L.S., Giacomo Puccini, two pages, written to the first and fourth page, 8vo, Nice, 21st march 1906, on the printed stationery of the Hotel Royal, Promenade des Anglais, Nice, to I. Spiridon, in Italian. Puccini apologizes for not being able to visit his correspondent as he promised, and states `I leave today, I have so many things to sort out and no free time remaining?´ A bold and good signature example. Small trace of former mounting to the first page, otherwise VG IAA Spain
[LOUIS XIII OF FRANCE]: (1601-1643)
[LOUIS XIII OF FRANCE]: (1601-1643) King of France 1610-43 and King of Navarre 1610-20. Son of Henry IV. Louis XIII ascended the throne at the early age of nine when his father was assassinated. His mother the Queen Marie de´ Medici acting as Regent. Louis XIII took power in 1617 by exiling his mother and executing her Italian followers. D.S., Louis, by his secretary, one page, oblong 18 x 11.5 vellum, 6th March 1617, to Achille de Harlay, in old French. The document being the military appointment of Achille de Harlay to lieutenant general at the Orleans government and bailiff of the Paris palace, as per Charles de Halay request, Sieur of Dolot, his tutor and special envoy of the King to Germany and Poland. The document stating in part `..the appointment and rights given to Achille de Harlays do not include his brothers and sisters who His Majesty has ordered to keep excluded from all these rights and benefits..´ Countersigned by Antoine de Loménie (1560-1638). Two stains to the folds, otherwise G £150-200 Achille de Harlay (1536-1619) Count of Beaumont. President of the Parliament. Best known as the judge of Ravaillac, the murderer of King Henry IV, father of Louis XIII. The family de Harlay, with many members parliamentarians, got for long benefits from the Kings of France. Probably in part because King Henry IV took by force Charlotte des Essarts with him, a famous conquest, when she was mistress of Christophe de Harlay. IAA Spain
HAMSUN KNUT: (1859-1952) Norwegian Write
HAMSUN KNUT: (1859-1952) Norwegian Writer. Nobel prize in literature, 1920. A.N.S., `Knut Hamsun´, one page, 8vo, Norholm, 17th July 1933, to Director Siegfried Altmann, in German. A very kind, lengthy and neatly written, inscription by Hamsun, dated also in his hand, beneath a 2 x 3 paper photograph affixed by a collector, the image depicting Hamsun in a head and shoulders pose. The 8vo page has been lightly affixed to an 8 x 12 black card. To the verso bearing three paper photographs of Hamsun with printed biography information. VG £200-300 IAA Spain
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