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Limo driver's gifts from street art rockstars up for auction
Being a limo driver can have it's perks. You are probably driving around a wealthier or at least famous people in your long stretched car and who knows, your tip might be worth a bit more than a dime one day...
Dali-signed skull, Dylan handwritten lyrics, world treasures, Ansel Adams Museum Set
Letter revealing Tupac and Madonna's secret relationship up for auction
A letter coming up for auction reveals how Tupac Shakur dated Madonna, and - subsequently - broke it off with the Material Girl whilst he was in jail.

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Bruce Springsteen Hand-Annotated "Gave It a Name" Lyrics
Bruce Springsteen hand-annotated lyrics for "When The Lights Go Out" in red felt tip pen. Very good condition. Measures 8.5" x 11". $700 - $800. Gotta Have Rock and Roll
The Beatles Original Photograph
A 10 x 8 original color photograph of The Beatles. Very good condition. Gotta Have Rock and Roll
Steve Miller Band Signed "Fly Like an Eagle" Album
Steve Miller signed Steve Miller Band "Fly Like An Eagle" album cover in silver paint pen. Very good condition. Vinyl not included. Comes with a Gotta Have Rock & Roll™ Certificate of Authenticity. Gotta Have Rock and Roll
Beatles 16 x 12 Color Photograph
A photograph of the Beatles taken in Knole Park, Sevenoaks, England during the filming of the Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields promotional video in 1967. Developed from the original negative. Gotta Have Rock and Roll
John Lennon Original EMI 9/23/75 Unreleased Recordings
An original EMI studios master tape of John Lennon recordings "Happy Xmas", "Instant Karma", "Stand By Me" and "Cold Turkey". Good condition. Gotta Have Rock and Roll
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