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Pieter Willem Sebes Harlingen 1827-1906 Amsterdam
Pieter Willem Sebes <br><br> Harlingen 1827-1906 Amsterdam <br> The important letter, oil on panel 46.4 x 39.1 cm, signed l.l. and dated 1858 <br><br> provenance: private collection United States. <br><br> insurance value: € 16,000.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 7,500.- Fischer's Auction
Johannes Hermanus Barend ‘Jan H.B.’ Koekkoek Amsterdam 1840-1912
Johannes Hermanus Barend ‘Jan H.B.’ Koekkoek Amsterdam 1840-1912 Hilversum A chat at the front door, Volendam oil on panel 25.2 x 19.7 cm signed lower right and dated ’94 Annotatie: inscribed on a sealed label on the reverse: ‘Dit schilderij voorstellende een interieur te Volendam is een souvenir aan mijn vriend den Weled Heer Altting door Jan HB Koekkoek’ Jan H.B. Koekkoek was the third son of the marine painter Hermanus Koekkoek Sr and took lessons from his father. His painting career reveals a clear development to his work. In the early sea and river scenes his father’s influence is clearly visible in the careful painting style and fine detailing. In later years Jan H.B. sought affiliation with the Hague School, painting beach and sea views as well as fishing scenes in a freer manner. insurance value: € 5,500.- starting bid: € 2,200.- Fischer's Auction
Antonie Waldorp The Hague 1803-1866 Amsterdam
Antonie Waldorp <br><br> The Hague 1803-1866 Amsterdam <br> Figures in a boat near a polder mill, oil on panel 30.4 x 40.2 cm, signed l.l. and dated ’43 <br><br> provenance: private collection Germany. <br><br> Antonie Waldorp began his painting career at the studio of stage decorator J.H.A.A. Breckenheymer, after which he decided to pursue ‘free’ painting. The painter W.J.J. Nuyen, who died at an early age, had much influence on his work. Together they travelled to Paris in 1833, where they were introduced to the romantic work of E. Isabey who was famous for his beach scenes and seascapes. During this period, Waldorp primarily painted interiors, portraits and cityscapes, which he occasionally peppered with 17th-century characters. From 1838 onwards, he dedicated himself almost exclusively to painting seascapes and river scenes. <br><br> insurance value: € 7,500.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 3,200.- Fischer's Auction
Jean-Baptiste Robie Brussels 1821-1910 Sint-Gilles (Brussels)
Jean-Baptiste Robie <br><br> Brussels 1821-1910 Sint-Gilles (Brussels) <br> Flower still life with roses, blossoming branches and raspberries, oil on canvas 137.7 x 106 cm, signed l.l. and dated ‘Bruxelles’ 1864 <br><br> literature: N. Hostyn e.a., ‘Dictionaire van Belgische en Hollandse Bloemenschilders geboren tussen 1750 en 1880’, Berko, Knokke-Zoute 1995, illustrated in colour p. 327; Fondation Jean Robie, Brigitte Schuermans, ‘Jean Robie 1821-1910’, Brussels 2007, p. 109, illustration 48 (in colour). <br><br> exhibitions: Sint-Gillis (Brussels), Belgium, Stadhuis, ‘Rétrospective de Jean Robie (1821-1910)’, 7-23 May 2010; Le Roeulx, Belgium, Ancien Hopital Saint-Jacques, Jean Robie – Amant des Roses, 4-7 September 2014. <br><br> A painter of landscapes and still lifes, Robie is chiefly known for his paintings of fruit and flowers (a.o. roses), seemly set down casually on a woodland path or at the water’s edge. In this sense, he broke with the 18th century tradition of meticulously arranged, ostentatious still lifes of flowers. He also painted close-ups of wild plants growing in their natural setting. His compositions stand out for their exquisite rendering of texture and rich colouration. <br><br> insurance value: € 150,000.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 75,000.- Fischer's Auction
Wilhelm Ferdinand Abraham Isaac ‘Willem’ Vaarzon Morel Zutphen 1868-1955
Wilhelm Ferdinand Abraham Isaac ‘Willem’ Vaarzon Morel <br><br> Zutphen 1868-1955 Koudekerke <br> A young girl overlooking the sea, pastel on paper 31.6 x 18.2 cm, signed lower right with monogram <br><br> annotation: on the reverse: schets van twee jonge vrouwen. <br><br> When Willem Ferdinand Abraham Isaac Vaarzon Morel settled in Veere in 1910, he had already built up a certain reputation as an artist and illustrator. He came from an artistic family, was born in Zutphen and raised in Haarlem, which is where he lived while attending the Amsterdam Rijksacademie (National Academy). His fellow student Breitner, who was fourteen years his senior, became the greatest influence on his work. After the Academy, Vaarzon Morel travelled to various places including Paris, Italy and Switzerland. On the advice of Lucie van Dam van Isselt, he then relocated to Veere where a lively artists’ colony was situated. There he developed into a versatile artist, with a love for cityscapes, the harbour, beach scenes, flowers and settings including elegant women. After him, two generations of Vaarzon Morels would continue to paint in Veere. <br><br> insurance value: € 6,000.- <br><br> <b> starting bid: € 3,000.- Fischer's Auction
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