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Summers Place Auctions

Summers Place Auctions first sale was held over 20 years ago as part of Sotheby's Country House saleroom at Summers Place in Sussex. Since then the sales have flourished, establishing a global reputation and becoming the world's leading auctioneers of Garden Statuary and Natural History. 

A wealth and diversity of material offered over the years has included everything from a whole Italianate garden of fountains, terraces, a lakeside jetty and statuary weighing more than 500 tons shipped over from Massachusetts, USA to a 15 foot high bronze bust of Lenin, liberated from a town square in Latvia following the fall of the iron curtain. Not to mention the much publicised fossil skeleton of one of the most iconic of all dinosaurs, the 55ft long Diplodocus, which fetched just under half a million pounds!


Their specialist sales include the finest examples of statuary and ornament together with natural history, fossils and dinosaur material, with estimates ranging from £500 to £500,000. Specialist timed internet sales now form a significant part of the business with themed sales such as Seating, Animals in Art and Contemporary Sculpture.

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