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TimeLine Auctions was launched in 2009 after having been active as TimeLine Originals since the 1990’s. They are specialized in Coins and artefacts of all periods and cultures.

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Ancient Greek Coins - Seleukid Kingdom - Antiochos X Eusebes - Zeus Tetradrachm
Antioch ad Orontem mint. Obv: diademed head of Antiochos X right. Rev: BASILEWS ANTIOXOY EYSEBOYS FILOPATOROS legend to right and left of Zeus seated left, holding Nike and sceptre; fieldmarks off flan. 15.99 grams. Very fine. Timeline Auctions
Indian Bronze Piriform Ewer
A cast bronze ewer with openwork conical base, piriform body and tall funicular neck; the spout in a graceful s-curve with collar to the end; the body with helical ribbing; to the neck a collar with vertical ribbing; the lid a ribbed dome with upper knop, hinged at the junction with the square-section handle. Bronze, 1.8 kg, 35 cm (13 3/4"). Fine condition. [No Reserve] Timeline Auctions
Ancient Greek Coins - Acarnania - Thyrrheium - Pegasus Stater
Obv: Pegasus flying left; QY below. Rev: head of Athena left, in Corinthian helmet, L and earring with pendents behind head; Y below. 8.35 grams. Near extremely fine. Very rare. Timeline Auctions
British Celtic - Iceni - Early Face/Horse Type - Silver Unit
Circa 50-30 BC. Obv: degraded Celticized male head right. Rev: horse right, wheel above, pellet triangle below. 0.82 grams. Worn die. Very fine Timeline Auctions
Viking Dragon Pendant
A bronze pendant with pelleted border, rearing dragon in the centre; suspension ring above. 6.32 grams, 31mm (1 1/4"). Fine condition. [No Reserve] Timeline Auctions
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