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TimeLine Auctions was launched in 2009 after having been active as TimeLine Originals since the 1990’s. They are specialized in Coins and artefacts of all periods and cultures.

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South American Pre-Columbian Chimu Kero Beaker
A Chimu culture sheet-silver face-beaker or kero, depicting a hook-nosed male face with avian qualities, lentoid eyes, pronounced c-scroll ears and crescentic mouth; a raised collar below, a stepped headdress forming the rim; to the rear, a representation of a hairpiece or cloak. 43 grams, 12.5cm (5"). Fine condition. Very rare. Timeline Auctions
Roman Brooch Group
A mixed group of cast copper-alloybronze brooches, mostly of 2nd century AD date, comprising: a leaf-shaped plate brooch with hinged pin; an openwork plate brooch with arcading and D-shaped lower edge; a tubular-headed knee brooch with hinged pin; a kraeftige profilierte type brooch with bulbous knop above the terminal; a P-shaped bow-brooch with solid foot and ribbed central ridge. Copper-alloy, 85 grams total, P-shaped brooch 58.6 mm. Very fine condition, even patination and all with pins. [5] Timeline Auctions
Roman Bronze Enamelled Panther Brooch
A cast plate brooch depicting a reclining panther with forepaws extended, tail curved to meet the hind leg; the head and shoulders modelled in the round; red and blue enamel pellets to the flanks, white to the eyes; pin-lugs, pin and catchplate to the reverse. 12 grams, 42 mm (1 1/2"). Fine condition, complete with pin and undamaged. Rare. Timeline Auctions
Medieval Silver Initialled Cockspur
A cast cockspur with everted rim and four perforations for attachment cords; sharply pointed spur curving inwards, with incised initials WP to the base. 2.82 grams, 28 mm (1"). Extremely fine condition. Very rare. Timeline Auctions
Stone Age Spanish Flint Blades Group
A group of nine pale grey flint blades, some retouched, seven with finely formed awl points; the group mounted on a card for display. 153 grams total, 8-9.5 cm (3 - 3 3/4"). Fine condition. Scarce. [9, No Reserve] Timeline Auctions

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