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(5) Metal Shelving Units
(5) Metal Shelving Units\nDescription: (5) Metal Shelving Units Location: 940 West 1st Street, Chico, CA BidCal, Inc.
Thermal Dynamic Plasma Cutter
Thermal Dynamic Plasma Cutter\nDescription: Thermal Dynamic Plasma Cutter, powers up but not cutting, been sitting... Comments: See the office for the manual and box of tips Location: 27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA BidCal, Inc.
Livestock Feed Trough
Livestock Feed Trough\nDescription: Livestock Feed Trough Location: 27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA BidCal, Inc.
(51) Doug Fir 2x4s
(51) Doug Fir 2x4s\nDescription: Doug Fir 2x4's Comments: Ranch Unit, (51) boards, various lengths, see description card in pictures Location: 89 Loren Rd., Chico, CA BidCal, Inc.
SITE 12 Gauge Model 1400 Winchester Shotgun
SITE 12 Gauge Model 1400 Winchester Shotgun\nDescription: OFF-SITE 12 Gauge Model 1400 Winchester Shotgun Model #: 1400 MK II Serial #: N675806 Location: Durham Guns and Ammo – 9406 Cummings Rd, Durham, CA For pickup and preview call Byron at (530) 624-6874 (by appointment only). GUN PREVIEW: Please don't show up at BidCal and ask to see a gun! All auction guns are located Off-Site at a licensed gun dealer. REMEMBER: We will not be taking payment at this location. We will be collecting payment at 27 Freight Lane, Chico, CA. You may come by there to pay, or you may do it over the phone and internet by calling BidCal, Inc. at (530) 345-0840. We will then email you an invoice that indicates "Paid in Full". You must have an invoice that indicates "Paid in Full" in your possession in order to pick up this lot. GUN PICKUP: This gun will be sold through Durham Guns and Ammo in Durham, CA. Please call Byron at (530) 624-6874 to make an appointment to complete the paperwork after purchase. All gun laws, a 10 day waiting period, plus a $45 transfer & handling fee will apply. Due to California gun consignment laws the guns will not be available to begin the DROS process until Monday, April 20th. For more information on Durham Guns & Ammo visit their website by clicking here. BidCal, Inc.
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