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A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Anitayus
Qing Dynasty, 18th-19th century, H. 8.25in., finely cast, seated in dhyanasansa with hands in dhyanamudra, wearing a long dhoti, crowned with an extraordinarily elaborate tiara. Artstein Antiques Auction
SONG DYNASTY 11th-13th CENTURY.Diameter 5 inch..The robustly potted tea bowl basing on a short circular foot, rising from steeping sides to a vertical lip, fully covered with a lustrous black glaze suffused with line hare¡¯s fur lines draining down from the lip inside and out, the glaze dripping down and stopping just above the foot in a black bulge, revealing the dark purplish body. Artstein Antiques Auction
A Painted Red Pottery Jar
Attributed to Neolithic Period, H. 15.5in, the body surmounted by a short circular neck, a pair of small circular handles set to the shoulder, the upper half decorated in brown pigment with geometric patterns. Artstein Antiques Auction
SONG-JIN DYNASTY 12th- 13th CENTURY.Height 4.5 in.Of a compressed globular form based on a shallow ring foot, the domed cover with a curling stalk-form knob, applied with a iridescent black glaze decorated with large bushed-on splashes of russet-brown, the unglazed foot revealing brownish beige stoneware body. A very similar example is published in Hare¡¯s Fur, Tortoiseshell, and Partridge Feathers: Chinese Brown- and Black-Glazed Ceramics, 400¨C1400, Cambridge, 1996 p. 144, cat. 39 Artstein Antiques Auction
Pair of Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Designed as flower, both in 14k white gold set with an oval sapphire (13.99ct) and circular-cut and baguette diamonds(2.50ct) earrings with post and hinged back fittings. Artstein Antiques Auction
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