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(20th Century - Presentation copy) Romantic Painting in America Presentation
Jorge Luis BORGES (Buenos Aires 1899 - Ginevra 1986), Signed book, inscribed to Emma Risso Platero de Sanchez, July 1945. In: Romantic Painting in America, New York, The Museum of Modern Art, 1943. 10.12x7.68 inches (25,7x19,5 cm), 143-(1), 1 plate, 124 ills. Publisher's binding and dust jacket, A little worn, but a good copy.Emma Risso Platero, an Uruguayan writer and diplomat, was a close friend of Borges, even considered a poetical inspiration to the writer. Autographes Enchères
French general (1867-1965), played a major role during the two World WarsAutograph letter, signed "Weygand", 2 pages, 8vo; Paris, 15 November 1951. Langer collection. Very fine condition. Addressed to Paul Langer; Weygand thanks for a most welcome letter, and promises, if never he will have the pleasure to travel to Switzerland, to accept Langer's kind invitation. [History] Autographes Enchères
(Histoire) - Jean-Etienne CHAMPIONNET (1762-1800) - Campagne d'Allemagne
Lettre autographe signée du général Jean-Etienne Championnet (1762-1800); Munster Maienfeld, le 24 Frimaire 5ème année (14 décembre 1796), 2 pages in-folio. Adressée au "Général Kleber Commandant le Centre de l'Armée" pour lui communiquer la feuille avec les instructions "que j'ai donné aux troupes sous mes ordres en cas d'alerte ou d'attaque de la part de l'ennemi ainsi que vous me l'avez demandé". Jointe, la feuille détaillant les instructions ci-dessus mentionnées, signée par l'adjudant-général Daclou. En bon état. <br> <br> Autograph letter signed by general Jean-Etienne Championnet (1762-1800); Munster Maienfeld, 14 December 1796, 2 pages, folio. Addressed to General Kleber, to whom Championnet, on Kleber's request, send the instruction given to his troops, to be applied in case of the enemy's assault. Joint: the above mentioned instructions, signed by general Daclou. In good condition. Autographes Enchères
(Ex-libris & small graphic) Hermann HUFFERT
Hermann HUFFERT 56 ex-libris and New Year greetings; various techniques and sizes. Many with printed signature and/or autograph signature in pencil. All: pasted on light cardboard. Very fine.Hermann HUFFERT (1904 - after 1980) graphic artist and designer, hewas awarded medals at the International Ex-libris biennale in Malbork, Poland. He produced book illustrations, book jackets, woodcuts, ex-libris and advertising. He signed his ex-libris "Huffe" or "Huff". Autographes Enchères
(20th Century - Artists'book) Heribert NOTHNAGEL, Holzplastiken
Heribert NOTHNAGEL (Vienna, 1946), Holzplastiken, Graz, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, printed by Grazer Druckerei - Graz, 1973 (October). 8.27x7.87 inches (21x20 cm), 32 leaves printed on one side only, 16 b/w illustrations. Publisher's illustrated soft (front) cover, body of the book applied to an heavy square cardboard (larger than the book) by a metal stud in the centre of the upper margin, as issued. Text by Wilfried Skreiner. Catalogue and lay-out by Werner Fenz (Vienna, 1944). Very fine copy. Catalogue of the exhibition held in Graz, Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, 4 - 28 October 1973. Autographes Enchères
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