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Storming of the Winter Palace, Russia, School of Mstera
Storming of the Winter Palace(Russia, 1961)School of MsteraSmall lacquered daybook and planner, author initials M.V. on front board7,9 x 11,1 x 1,3 cm Bibliopathos
[Classics, Odes] Anacreon, Odi, 1825
A RARE EDITION OF THIS COLLECTION OF ODES BY ANACREON, TRANSLATED FROM GREEK BY THE ABBOT VINCENZO CASSIROLIAnacreon. Odi di Anacreonte tradotte dall'abate Vincenzo Carissoli. Milano: coi tipi Fratelli Sonzogno, 1825.16mo (144x94 mm), contemporary marbled paper binding, gilt title at spine; pp. VIII, 114, [2].Anacreon (c. 582 – c. 485 BC) was a Greek lyric poet, notable for his drinking songs and hymns. Later Greeks included him in the canonical list of nine lyric poets.References: IT\ICCU\LO1E\022989 (2 copies). This edition is not registered in OCLC. Bibliopathos
[Jerusalem, Palestine] 1884-1914, 3 vols
THREE WORKS ABOUT JERUSALEM AND PALESTINE[1.]: NOTES OF A PILGRIMAGE TO JERUSALEMVannutelli, Vincenzo. L'avvenire d'Oriente considerato in Gerusalemme. Roma: coi Tipi di Mario Armanni, 1884.8vo, 188x126 mm, editorial paper binding; pp. 160; illustrations.Notes of a pilgrimage made in the summer of 1879 by a religious of Rome, Father Vincenzo Vannutelli.Provenance: Private library of a Verona noble family.References: IT\ICCU\UM1\0111534 (4 copies). OCLC, 254130244 (1 copy in Germany) and 234130856 (1 copy in Israel).[together with]: [2.]: RARE BOOKLET ON THE FALL OF JERUSALEM IN 587 BCHISTORICAL INTRODUCTION TO A STUDY ON THE TRAINSAPPARENTLY NO COPY OUT OF ITALYGrancelli, Floriano. La caduta di Gerusalemme nel 587 a.C.. Introduzione storica ad uno studio sui treni. Verona: Guglielmo Marchiori, 1889.8vo, 212x142 mm, editorial paper binding; pp. 35.Autographed dedication of the author to Umberto Castellani at the top corner of the front board.Provenance: Private library of a Verona noble family.References: IT\ICCU\CUB\0322571 (two copies). OCLC, 878391963. Apparently no copy out of Italy.[together with]: [3.]: SECOND EDITION OF AN ILLUSTRATED DESCRIPTION OF JERUSALEM AND PALESTINE Battaglia, Eliseo. Visioni d'oriente - Ricordi di Palestina. Milano: Tip. S. Lega Eucaristica, 1914.198x124 mm, editorial illustrated paper binding; pp. VI, 722, [15] plates; b/w and colored illustrations.Second edition of this illustrated description of Jerusalem and Palestine.Provenance: Private library of a Verona noble family.References: IT\ICCU\TO0\1595714. OCLC, 799904618. Bibliopathos
[Criminal Law, Procedure] Carpzov, Practica, 1709
<b>THE CRIMINAL LAW IN GERMANY</b><br><br><b>Carpzovius, Benedictus</b>. <i>Practicae novae imperialis saxonicae rerum criminalium. Pars 1. </i> [-<i>3</i>] [...]<i>Ex jure civili Romano, imperiali, Saxonico, ordinat. & constitut. electoral. Decisiones absolutas, responsis scabinorum Lipsensium approbatas, & usu ac observatia Fori Saxonici confirmatas, exibens: autore Benedicto Carpzov. </i> Lipsiae, sumptibus Joh. Friderici Gleditschii, 1709.<br><br>3 volumes in a thick folio, contemporary half calf, label and gilt title on six raised bands spine (slightly worn at the foot), red edges, ff. [5], pp. 298, ff. [4], pp. 371, ff. [4], pp. 356, ff. [47]. Text in Latin, numerous passages in German.<br><br><b>Very important criminal procedure in Germany (Saxony), a cornerstone of 17th and 18th century law. </b><br><br><b>References: </b>OCLC 79612438 locates in US <b>only the copy at Harvard Law Library</b>.<br><br> Bibliopathos
[Speeches, Orations] Sansovino, 1561
SANSOVINO'S COLLECTION OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SPEECHES OF ANTIQUITY [Oratory] Sansovino, Francesco. Diverse orationi volgarmente scritte da molti huomini illustri de tempi nostri. Nelle quali si contengono ragionamenti conueneuoli a principi, a senatori, a capitani, & ad ogni altra qualità di persone. Raccolte, riuedute et corrette, per Francesco Sansouino. Con un trattato del medesimo intorno alla materia dell'arte. Con la tauola delle cose notabili per ordine d'alfabeto. In Venetia (Venice): w. p. [but Francesco Sansovino] (In Venetia : appresso Fran. Sansouino), 1561. 4to (202x147 mm); 18th century binding in stiff vellum with five raised bands at spine, guilted title on a leather label at spine (very light traces of use); 3 parts: [8], 104, 88; [4], 150 [i.e. 144] (leaves 141-144 misnumbered 147-150); 48 leaves; text in Italian, printed in italics. First and second part publisher statement and date of publication indicated at respective colophons. Xylographic woodcut device at the three title-pages. Finely historiated head-pieces and head letters. First edition of a very interesting collection of orations and speeches of the most importatnt celebrities of the ancient times, collected by Francesco Sansovino.First part title: Dell'orationi di diversi huomini illustri.Second part title: Delle orationi volgarmente scritte da diversi huomini illustri de tempi nostri.Third part title: Di Francesco Sansovino in materia dell'arte libri tre.Francesco Tatti da Sansovino (1521-1586) was a versatile Italian scholar and man of letters, also known as a publisher. He was born in Rome, the son of Jacopo Sansovino, but soon moved to Venice then studied law at Padua and Bologna. He is known for his 1581 work Venetia citta nobilissima et singolare, Descritta in XIIII. Libri, known briefly as Venezia Descritta. He was also a literary critic, writing in particular on Dante and Boccaccio. He is also known with his pseudonyms, Anselmo Guisconi and Giovanni Tatti.Provenance: Ex libris with the coat of arms of G.B. Laderchio, on a label glued at verso of title-page.References: IT\ICCU\TO0E\003311. CNCE, 31063. OCLC, 54261115, 70220604 and 28780424. Bibliopathos
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