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Mallard drake by the Gundelfinger Wood Products
Mallard drake by the Gundelfinger Wood Products co., St. Louis Missouri. Original paint with moderate wear and some rubs to high spots on the textured finish and a few small chips in the paint to wood. Small knot visible on the right upper wing. Minor sep Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Swimming Merganser Drake "V"
310. Slightly undersized swimming red breasted merganser drake with head turned to left. Lightly carved wing tips. "V" on bottom. Original paint with light rubs which maybe intentional to simulate age. Very minor roughage to edge of carved crest. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
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Pair of Wildfowler Green Winged Teal Wildfowler green-winged teal pair in excellentoriginal condition with minor imperfections. Provenance: Swain Collection Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Canadian Scoter Immature Plumage
242. Very early and interesting white-winged scoter with a low profile in the manner of Albert Laing. Three piece, horizontally laminated construction withanatomically correct detailed bill carving. Typical Connecticut pear shaped weight. Attractive gunning rep aint with light in-use wear is intended toresemble the species in emerging plumage. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
Miniature Black Duck by Burr w Burr Ink Stamp
128. Miniature reaching black duck by Russell Pratt Burr (1887-1955), Hingham, MA. Carved wing and tail feather outlines. Stamped twice with "Russ P. Burr,Hingham, Mass" on the bottom of the burl base. Original paint and condition. Decoys Unlimited, Inc
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