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An antique Huanghuali carved duck container
This piece is wonderfully carved into a realistic depiction of a duck. The quality of the Huanghuali wood is very excellent and smooth. Length 6 in, Height 5 in Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
A Three-foot Gilt- Bronze burner, Xuande six- character
The incense burner carved with an exquisite pattern. There corresponding depictions of deers and flowers. With tripod legs and mythological animal handles .This piece was auctioned in Edinburgh's Bonham's auction. Height 5.7in, Diameter 8.5 in Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
A rare Ming Dynasty large blue and white dish
This inside of the dish depicts a detailed, lifelike drawing of both a dragon and phoenix. Surrounding the two mythical creatures are cloud patterns and other intricate designs. There is a 大明成化年制 marker. In addition, the inside edge of the plate engraved faintly with cloud like designs. The outside of the dish also portrays a majestic dragon and phoenix. The bottom of the dish also depicts ancient pattern. The dish is a very meticulous art work, there is a large harvest paragraph plates. This dish was auctioned at Christie's and there is a sticker. In the 1990's this dish is also auctioned in the UK Bonhams auction. This is a very rare boutique. Provenance: British private collection. Height 8 cm, Diameter 41.5 cm Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
An ivory carved apple with pigment
This piece features a miniature scene carved into the side of the apple. There are also areas of slight pigment to resemble that of an apple. This piece is very peculiar. yet eerily beautiful. There is also a marker on the bottom. This piece was previously auctioned by another auction house. Height 2.5 in, Diameter 1.7 in Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
A fine and rare flambe-glazed gourd elephant handled
This piece is a rounded body vase that features a unique crimson red and sky blue glaze. The combination of both glazes gives this piece a purple-red finish. Height 9.5 in Dianya Antique Arts Investment Co.
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