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Copper casserole with long handle
Copper casserole with long handle. Slightly conical casserole, with a circle for hob, debossed "4 L" Pewter interior, the lid with handle. Diameter 23 cm, length 44 cm Galerie Karoline
Pewter tankard
Pewter tankard, 19th century Germany, height: 27 cm Galerie Karoline
Turtle - Stanislav Honzík, densely textured and polished overlay and honey W - 17 cm, V - 6.5, H - 9 cm Galerie Karoline
Studio work in the art deco style blue glass cased glass dust and ground, height: 47.5 cm Galerie Karoline
Brass Faucet Beer
Brass tap beer with a copper inlet cover, size: 24 cm Galerie Karoline
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