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Zera Emeth [responsa, with Talmudic novellae]. < > Three volumes. Complete set. Previous owner’s marks. Modern non-uniform boards. Sm. folio. Vinograd, Livorno 225, 414 and Reggio 20. Livorno, 1787, 1796 and Reggio 1812 Prominent posek R. Yishmael HaCohen (1724-1810) succeeded his brother R. David HaCohen as Rabbi of Modena - a notable center of rabbinic learning of 18th century Italy. R. Yishmael held the position of Rabbi and leader of Modena for decades, during which time his rulings were conclusive in all matters affecting Italian Jews. Kestenbaum Company
Nofeth Tzufim [Kabbalistic insights to the Chumash]. Yiddish text. Second edition under this name. pp. 312. Stained. Modern boards. 4to. Vinograd, Zhitomir 310; Liberman, Ohel Rachel, Vol. I, pp. 417-31. Zhitomir Shapira Brothers 1863 This work was originally published under the title Nachlath Tzvi in 1711. The publishers in Zhitomir changed it to Nofeth Tzufim in 1850 and printed it as an anonymous work. Under this name, it became very popular among women as a companion to the Tzenah U?Re?enah. On the author, see B. Naor, Post-Sabbatian Sabbatianism (1999) pp. 79-82. Kestenbaum Company
(Toldoth Adam) Sirtutei Hayad [kabbalistic palmistry] Manuscript in Hebrew, written on paper in a neat cursive Aschkenazic hand by Moshe ben Eliyahu of Tomashov. Three chiromantic illustrations of the palm of the hand on final three leaves. ff. 28 (of 29), lacking first leaf. Margins slightly frayed. Unbound, housed in folding-case. 4to.• A highly influential treatise on palmistry, published in many editions with various titles from Constantinople, 1515 to Bombay, 1886. The author (Gallina) was a 15th-century Jewish scholar from Crete, his name is recorded on the third line of f. 8a. (See St. Cat. Bod. 4951). According to Prof. Moshe Idel there are very few manuscripts of this work extant. On kabbalistic chiromancy (palmistry) in general, see the learned article by G. Scholem in EJ Vol. V, cols. 477-79.Tomazsow, Poland, Late 17th - early 18th century. Kestenbaum Company
Toldoth Ya’akov. Manuscript in Hebrew, written in brown inks in square and cursive Aschkenazic hand on two differently tinted paper-stock. Title within attractive border. From the library of RABBI NACHUM DOV-BER FRIEDMAN OF SADIGUR. ff. [1] 24. Modern vellum with central enclosure. 4to.• AN UNPUBLISHED COMMENTARY by R. Ya’akov Koppel Lifschitz on the work “Kethivath Stam,” (the writing of Torah, Tefilin and Mezuzah) by R. Moshe Zacut.R. Ya’akov Koppel Lifschitz composed the important Siddur Kol Ya’akov, whose kabbalistic commentary received an approbation by R. Asher Tzvi of Ostrog stating that the saintly Ba’al Shem Tov saw the manuscript of the work and it “found favor in his eyes.” R. Ya’akv Koppel also authored the kabbalistic work entitled “Sha’ar Gan Eden.”Polonnoye, 18th/19th century. Kestenbaum Company
Me’ametz Ko’ach [sermons and eulogies] Second edition. With signatures of Chassidic Rabbis and other notables (see below). ff. 236. Previous owners marks, some staining and marginal worming on a few leaves. Later boards, loose and worn. 4to. Vinograd, Venice 726.• The signatories include: The Chassidic Rabbi R. Yaakov David (Biderman) of Mehzritch later Rabbi of Vishograd (1806-63) author of Chidushei Maharid, a grandson of the Maggid of Koznitz and disciple of R. Shlomo Leib of Lentchna and R. Mendel of Kotzk, (see Alfasi, Traklinei Hachassiduth p. 886 and Encyclopedia Lechassiduth, letter “Yud” col. 260). The volume also bears the signature and stamp of R. Chaim Yehoshua of Lentchna, and others. Also inscription stating the book belonged to “My Uncle Harav hamaor hagadol, hacharif uboki… Michael Shimon May” of Breslau (1833) author of Chidushei Hagahoth on the TuVenice, Asher Parenzo for Giovanni di Gara, 1588. Kestenbaum Company
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